18 Sep, 2019

A total of 200 children from PPA (Center of Children Development) in Rote Ndao visited Modopedak Productive Garden, a garden assisted by TLM Foundation in Kolobolon village, Lobalain sub-district, Regency of Rote Ndao, Wednesday (11/09/2019)

According to Yeriyanti Ndolu, Coordinator of PPA Betlehem Kolobolon, the one day visit to the integrated garden aimed to introduce the children to method of nutritious plants agriculture closely so that in the future they can practice in their house.

“We have learning program about nutrient, that is why we brought them here so they can observe the nutritious crops planting process directly. Here in this garden, at least they can learn how to prepare the land, seedbed and how to grow nutritious plants”, said Yeriyanti.

She also mentioned that the 200 children consist of children age 5 to 12 years old where they still so young to do agriculture but visiting the productive garden can be an estimable experience for them so in the future they can be impactful people.

“we are so grateful for TLM Foundation Productive Garden in Kolobolon because it can be a place to study for PPA children and we hope that later on among these children, some can grow to be professional botanist because they have been introduce to botany since very young age.”

One of PPA Children who visited the garden that day, Keke A. Sabloit (11) expressed her happiness on her opportunity for the direct study and she hoped that she can help her parents from what she has studied.

“I usually eat the vegetables my mama cooks but I had no idea how to grow them, that is why I am truly happy to learn about planting so I can help my mama to plant it around the house” she explained.

As a host of TLM Foundation productive garden in Kolobolon, Hengky Jitro Thine, TLMF agriculture facilitator happily welcome the children. In his confirmation, Hengky said that materials delivered and practiced during the visit were land preparation, land processing and bedding, seed selection and plant seedbed.

Some types of plants which their cultivation process were shown within the visit were dragon fruit, bitter melon, watermelon, chili, mustard green, eggplant and water spinach.

Hengky wished that knowledge presented to PPA children as next generation can back them up so they can apply them in their family, especially in their yards respectively. (ona)

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