30 Modopedak-Kolobolon group members learned on how to raise broiler

10 Jun, 2019

There are 30 members of Modopedak group who live in Kolobolon Village, Lobalain Sub-district, Rote Ndao District, assisted by TLM Foundation, got lesson on how to raise broiler properly and correctly in the beginning of February to the end of March 2019.

The activity began with theory training provided from TLM Facilitator on developing cages and handling DOC (Day Old Chick) until the chicken are ready to be sold at age 3 – 4 weeks. In the training, the members also taught on the preparation of cage facility before the chick came such as equipment for baby chick feeder and drinker, electrical installations to warm the chicks.

In the training the group members actively asked the question to the facilitator. In addition, the group members also learn on the marketing strategy and how to calculate and analyze the profits during running the broiler business.

After doing theory training, the facilitator and the members made discussion to ensure how far the group members understand the training material given.

The group members were very enthusiastic in joining the training as during the time all the members did not have experience in raising broiler.

As implementation of the theory training, 30 members then divided into 7 small groups where every day each group was assisted by the facilitator to feed and give water to the chick in the morning and evening. In addition, the groups also learn about how to inject vaccine, expanding the cage, adding more rice husk and other tasks related to raising the broiler

By the third week, all group members became more aware of how to take care of chickens so they could handle it themselves without the supervision of the facilitator. In the fourth week the broiler is ready to be marketed with an average weight of 1 kilo gram and it was sold amounting to 50,000 / head.

The facilitator and group members promoted the broiler businesses in food stalls and chicken vendors around Ba’a. This method was quite effective because broilers can be sold quickly. Now they get enough orders.

Hanna Mbuik, one of group member was grateful for the knowledge both the theory and practice training. She has planned to initiate own business if the group have high demand.

“I am happy for learning and have knew on how to raise broiler, I will make this as own business” said Hana after 1 month following 1 period of raising broiler in March 2019.

Different from Hanna, Silva (26) said she does not expect profits from this first period, the important thing for her was experience that will never run out all her life. (Defrid Banu)

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