04 Sep, 2020

Margarita Pu’ay (51) A cheerful lady, married to Ferdy Seran (55) since 2008, but they have no children. Her husband Ferdy works as a chainsaw operator in Kiubaat village-South East Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia.

With makeshift skills, Margarita has been doing sewing business for years after marriage to earn money to help her husband meet their family needs.

Even though she is only completed Elementary School, she is willing to practice sewing and learn by herself (self-taught). Margarita admitted that her costumers are only Kiubaat people as in the village there only two tailors. She didn’t know how to work using sewing patterns especially overlock.

Margarita is very grateful for all the training and mentoring she got from TLM foundation and village government. She testified that since she joints the sewing training last November 2019, she is now more confident to accept various kinds of sewing orders.

She said she learned a lot about drawing patterns, operating overlock machines and many additional skills from the training. She proud that last Februari, Kiubaat village government trusted her to sew uniforms for all village officials.

“learned a lot of new things from this training because I had never learned or trained before. I learned by myself ” said Margarita.

She also said, from her sewing business with new skills she acquired from the training, she could earn IDR. 350.000 to IDR. 500.000 per month and she now able open a small kiosk near her family home.

She thanked TLM for the useful training and she expects that in the future if she is given an opportunity to learn more, she wanted to learn how to make men’s suit and trousers. *Ona

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