A Motorbike Mechanic Recklessly Runs Business of Dragon Fruits

12 Feb, 2019

Yanto Welem Nenohai (33) who works as motorbike mechanics in his own workshop in Ofu village, Kalbano sub-district, Southeast Timor, recklessly bought all dragon fruit crops from Kuiltit productive garden on Wednesday, 6 February 2019 from Kiubaat village, which is the assisted village of TLM Foundation.

Initially, the man of three children bought 2 dragon fruits to consume. After feeling the sweetness and appealing color of the fruits, he then shared some photos of the fruits on his facebook account for fun.

I just wanted to post the pictures on my facebook but some of my facebook friends saw them and requested me to send them” said Yanto. That is when he started getting requests on comment box and messenger from some acquaintances who are his workshop partners in Kupang.

Even though that was the first time he tried to run dragon fruit business, this husband of Feni Talan admitted that he was brave enough to buy 30kg at price of Rp. 50.000/kg for he was sure that buyers will offer a good price because of Kiubaat dragon fruit taste is far different, much sweeter from dragon fruits from other places that he has tested before.

Aside from its color and taste, Yanto is interested in the way it is grown in “Kuiltit” productive garden with organic system that use only animal manure and not chemical fertilizer.

“I like it because they do not use chemical fertilizer, makes it so tasty and lasts longer” said Yanto to productive garden members and TLM Foundation village facilitator after harvesting dragon fruits in garden location. He promised that he will be loyal costumer if his first sale is successful and he will come back to the garden to buy the dragon fruits at better price. (@Defrid, TLM Foundation Village Facilitator in Kiubaat Village)

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