Beginning in 1995, of the idea of ​​some church leaders to boost the economy congregation Christian Evangelical Church in Timor, there shall be established a foundation named Tanaoba Lais Manekat, taken from the Timor which means to serve fellow human beings with love.

Occupying a church-owned building in the street Gen. Suharto No. 25, Kupang TLM Foundation started its operations led by Mr. Rozali Husien with 1 person staff with a work program to the congregation provide capital to grow their businesses. At that time the products carried in the form of soft loans to individuals and groups. In addition to providing loans TLM Foundation also provides training to the customer in order to meningktkan their ability to conduct business. TLM Foundation is growing so it can hire more workers, also opened branches in several regions spread across the regencies in East Nusa Tenggara province.

In God’s favor then the foundation is growing and on 28 January 1996 established yet a cooperative savings and loan called KSP Talents. Led by Mr. Rozali with the staff who work 2.

In 2008 established a financial institution in the form of a Rural Bank to serve the general public, given the name BPR TLM. It is also a follow-up of government regulations that require financial institutions authorized to distribute money to the public. BPR TLM started operations in November 2008 with two floors in a building located on Jalan Ahmad Yani No 43 Oeba Kupang. Led by Mr. Robert Fanggidae with 24 staff

In 2011 the Foundation TLM form a Cooperative Savings and Loans enforced KSP names TLM to develop a range of services to communities in NTT. In the development of TLM KSP into the National Cooperative so that it can open branches in all regions in Indonesia, TLM KSP currently has one branch in the city of Palu. KSP TLM growing with superior products that serve the public fellow lend in the group.

2014 Foundation TLM formed another Consumer Cooperatives, named KK TLM to serve people who need consumer loans. KK TLM also has commercial activities in the form of supermarkets and raising pigs.