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22 housewives in Benlutu village, Batu Putih district, TTS received training of processing ginger into ginger powder drink.

The training was conducted in 4 days (6-10/7/2020) in Benlutu village office hall and it was facilitated by TLM Foundation as Benlutus village’s partner in community development program, particularly home industry skill training. This information stated by TLM Foundation training staf, Fera Huwae who were facilitator and trainer of the training.

Fera also informed that the training covered material presentation to ginger processing practice. The 22 housewives were enthusiast in following the training presented by Fera.

“The housewives were happy. The formed 2 business group right after the training and we are glad that they have produced ginger powder with their own capital. Also, they have sold the ginger powder and there are many people interested to buy, made it sold out in a minute.” explained Fera.

She also explained the purpose of the training that is aside from deliver knowledge and additional skill for woman in village so they can run business, also to improve selling value of village local commodity in post-harvest period.

Attending the training, Batu Putih head district, Dr. Agustinus F. N. Malo appreciated TLM Foundation who had provided effective and right on target assistance for villages in his area, especially Benlutu.

“TLM Foundation is a very good partner. It it has been proved by the progress of BUMDES Talenta in Benlutu. So we as government of Batu PUtih district, especially Benlutu village should be grateful to have TLM Foundation as our partner.” said Malo in his welcome speech.

Malo also appealed all the participants to be active in using opportunity to learn so that after the training, they can produce qualified and competitive local product in the market.

Furthermore, Malo hope that the training could be early motivation for women in Benlutu to plant ginger in their yard and then process it into ginger powder to support independent village in food security planning in facing Covid -19 pandemic.

One of the training participants, Financia Aby who were interviewed via call said that this type of home industry training is the first for their village, making her so thankful to be able to learn new useful thing to improve her family’s income by utilizing local commodity.

“this is the first time for us but we already see the result! After last week training, we produced 46 packages from 5 kilograms ginger and we sold Rp. 30.000 for each and we can see that it is so profitable” explained woman who familiarly called Esy

Esy also hopes that government of Benlutu and TLM Foundation could help them to process license for home industry product so that their label and copyright could be patented and their product can be widely accepted by market.

“many people are interested in our product, especially during the pandemic, ginger powder drink is good to improve body immune. But, we have not have the production license so we hope village government and TLM Foundation can help us.

The training was held on Cooperation between TLM Foundation, Batu Putih district government, Benlutu village government and the help of Village Security Body such BABINKANTIPMAS/POLMAS in order to control health protocol during covid -19 pandemic.

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To succeed the inauguration of FORKOMDES (Village Communication Forum) Board with the concept of Village Economy Development through Village-owned entership, TLM Foundation held an audience with Vice Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigratio n, Budi Arie Setia in Kalibata Office, last week on Tuesday (3/3/2020).

The audience was planned by TLM Foundation as one of its annual business plans, that is community development social program through assisted village, village law training and FORKOMDES.

Rozali Hussein, CEO of TLM Foundation mention that the audience resulted in there is support from Mr. Wamen Budi for the plan which carry the concept of village economy development through BumDesa.

“We (TLM), offere BumDesa (village-owned enterprise) development concept by creating Join BumDesa in scale of municipality or region, and he welcomes the concept and supports it,” said Rozali.

Rozali further explained the objective of joint BUMdesa which would engaged in providing basic need for village community and slowly will become distribution center of local products to other regions.

Ir. Abraham Paul Liyanto who, TLM Foundation was present in the audience, asked governments, in this case, Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration, to help in facilitating link and match between BUMDesa and the entrepreneurs to create compatibility and harmony between BUMDes work and entr epreneurs’ need.

“We hope that government, in this case; District Head, Regent, Governor and Vice Ministry of Village Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration can change trade market in regional level to activate BUMDesa. We can do it by cooperating with giant companies such Alfamart, Transmart, Indomart, Lippo and others big companies because this type of cooperation never happen before,” explain The Senator from NTT.

Vice Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration,, Budi Arie Setiadi gladly welcomed TLM Foundation’s presentation in the meeting.

“Ideally, BUMDes becomes village distribution and trade centre,” said Mr. Wamen Budi Arie

Wamen added that BUMDes should develop, not just by opening a shop and making tourism village but also become village economy distribution centre. According to Mr. Budi, paradigm of BUMDes should be changed to BUMDes will not be managed carelessly.

“Paradigm related to BUMDes has to change, BUMDes is not a loss program, we need to consider it as investment program. So villages have to provide equity capital for BUMDes instead of lose money,” he added.

Wamen Budi also explained the importance of young people in managing BUMDes and village development.

“villages with more young people is different from those with less young people. If a village has many youngster, it will have a better development. Also, BUMDes management can be more creative and innovative as seen from its marketing and packaging, because it is managed by young people,” explained Mr. Wamen Budi

CEO of TLM Foundation, Rozali Hussein, NTT Regional Representative Board Senator, Mr. Abraham Paul Liyanto who are also TLM Foundation Governing Board Chief and Ferdy Frans, TLM Foundation Transformation Division Head were present in the meeting.

At the occasion, TLM Foundation formally invite Minister of Village Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration functionaries to attend the FORKOMDES Governing Body Inauguration

Wamen Budi is willing to attend and invite entrepreneur parties such Alfamart, BRI dan Indomart as spokesperson.

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PMD Department Head of Rote Ndao District, Yames M.K Therik, SH along with the group visited one of TLM Foundation’s assisted village, Benlutu Village, Batu Putih Sub-district, South Central Timor District in the last Tuesday (25/2/2020).

The comparative study group that consists of 18 Village Heads from Lobalain Sub-district, East Rote and South Rote was accompanied by PMD Department Head of Rote Ndao, Head of Sub-district Lobalain and some staff of TLM Foundation arrived at Benlutu Village at around 15.30 pm and happily welcomed by the community and government of Benlutu village.

During the visit, the PMD Department Head of Rote Ndao, Yames M.K Therik, SH conveyed the purpose of their study visit was so that the Village Head could learn about the tips and strategies to establish a profitable BUMDESA with good and healty management system in administration.

“We got information that Benlutu Village has a BUMDESA Mart with good management, assisted by Tanaoba Lais Manekat Foundation (TLM) so we are here to learn how the strategies were developed so its BUMDESA can run well” said Yames

He further mentioned his plan after returned from Benlutu village, he wanted to encourage the Village Heads in Rote Ndao to establish joint BUMDESA Mart in Rote Ndao District for community because during the time they have to go to Ba’a city to buy their daily needs

“We come to learn BUMDESA system in Benlutu Village because we just find out that its management and implementation of activity is running well so in this free learning opportunity, we will adopt the tips applied and then adjust it with the condition in Rote” he concluded

Yames also expected that the visit would not only as be a study visit but it could establish a fraternal relationship so that the communication and TLM’s assistance with the village government of Benlutu could also be carried out in Rote Ndao district, from planning, establishment to BumDEsa operations to be assisted by the TLM Foundation which had been successful accompany BumDes Talenta Mart in Benlutu Village.

“Positive things that are interesting and become a force to be brought home to Rote are good experience stories from the BumDes Talenta director that in building a business there must be optimism, courage to take risks, have adequate human resources, have a good system and have enough capital “Close Yames.

Separately, one of the comparative study participants, Renward Semuel Lolu, Head of Lakamola Village, Rote Timur District expressed his gratitude to TLM and the Benlutu Village Government who were willing to welcome them to study for free at BumDes Mart Benlutu.

The knowledge that I have gained during this study visit will be used as an experience for me to develop in the Village of Lakamola because this year there has been an equity participation in BumDes, but it has not yet run “said Renward.

Similar recognition was conveyed by the Lobalain Sub-District Head who also accompanied the village heads during the visit stating, “the best thing in Bumdes Talenta Mart Benlutu is that it already has a system so that all records of buying and selling transactions are recorded properly and can produce reports such as a clear balance sheet where it has illustrated loss / profits, also the management system with Periodic Assistance from the TLM foundation is so effective that it makes the Bumdes Mart Talenta Benlutu as an example”.

It should be noted that TLM Foundation assistance for the village of Benlutu began in early 2019 in programs such as; water infrastructure programs, assistance and training in the implementation of village laws for officials and the community, the formation of productive garden groups, home industry and handicraft training and the establishment of BumDesa from planning to operations.

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As an active participation in developing collaboration with partner village or assisted village, In the beginning of 2020 TLM Foundation facilitates 2019 Accountancy of Talenta Mart BUM Desa in Benlutu Village, Batu Putih Sub-district, TTS.

The meeting was held for one day in village office meeting room (Wednesday 15/01/2020), attended by village officials, Region Development Department, community representatives and Batu Putih sub-district empowerment assistant.

TLM Foundation transformation division head, Ferdy Frans mentioned that the meeting is to discuss on accountability report of end product of Talenta BUMDesa 2019 and to agree on several things such Talenta BUMDesa work plan 2020 which the income projected to reach 30 million rupiah.

To reach the number, Benlutu village chief, Obed Fallo commits to add more budget as capital of at least 50 million for Talenta Mart which is allocated from Benlutu income of 2020.

Aside from that, some strategic plans about BUMDesa such management, new business development and how to support village’s role were also discussed at the meeting to make Talenta BumDesa as community’s business central

The village chief affirmed to create village regulation that can help in actualizing BUM Desa’s purpose to be the only business gate for village community.

In implementing technical assistant for village government, especially for BUM Desa, TLM Foundation hopes that Talenta BUM Desa management will be able to undertake BUM Desa organization procedure according to regulation and provide a forum for BUM Desa and village

This was stated by TLM Foundation, Rozali Hussein in the meeting. He also supports Talenta BUM Desa Management to be proactive in developing the business.

“Management should be creative and innovative. It should be active in developing this business by paying attention to potential and opportunity in village as well as expand business links with competent partners. The business expansion should also cognize business plan to consider all profit and loss aspect of a business.” Explained Rozali

All related parties support and motivate BUM Desa management to excess the target and they will get bonus percentage for their achievement.

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TLM – GMIT Foundation facilitated Seminar and Workshop of Village Law at TTS (South Central Timor), Monday and Tuesday, 9 – 10 December 2019, at Dena Hotel Hall – So’e

As confirmed about the target of participants invited were 50 Pastors/Pastries and 25 Village Heads, until the end of the activity, the participant who attended in the seminar were 42 people, consists of 36 Pastors/Pastries representing 11 classists and 7 Village Heads from 5 Sub districts that are spread in the TTS district.

The committee of this seminar and workshop of Village Law, Ps. Emille R. Hauteas, S.Si confirmed about the attendance of participants that the activity coincides with Soe classists session so that many participants were invited but didn’t have time to come.

The seminar and workshop of Village Law begun by worship led by Ps. Emmile R. Hauteas, S.Si, then continued with speech delivered by chairman of Synod GMIT, Ps. Dr. Mery L.Y Kolimon also opened the seminar.

In her speech, Ps. Mery appreciated the presence of the Pastors/Pastries as community leaders in the village, in their busy activity at classists’ session and end of year activity still took time to take part in the seminar. He further explained that the activity was a form of follow-up from one of mandates agreed at the recent synod session.

“One of the mandates in the recent synod session for us to continue in the ministry of the congregation in the village is that the church must find ways to increase its participation in rural community development, especially in the utilization of large village funds so that it is right on target, “explained Ps. Mery.

She hoped that the Pastors/Pastries and Village Heads could take this opportunity to learn so they can be role model for village when they return to community, involved in discussion to plan development properly to avoid corruption and cause problem for the community and congregation but can achieve the common goal of more advance TTS community.

In the seminar and workshop, the Pastors/Pastries and village heads divided in several groups, given the opportunity to discuss, identified potentials and challenges of village economy development they serve, and then present to the participants and trainer.

One of the participants, Ps. Desy Kaesmetan, S.Th when presenting the results of her group’s discussion emphasized, the church must be involved in the struggle and ministry in the village because the mission of the church is a holistic mission so that active dialogue needs to be conducted between the church and the existing government.

“Our village struggle with poverty, stunting, education and many other things in our respective village, so we need to work and struggle in service. The result of last year seminar with TLM Foundation, there were some Pastors/Pastries home managed well to build relationship with the village government but some were not actively involved or were not even invited to village meetings. So with this second seminar, we hope to be able to fight and work together for the benefit of the community, “explained Ps. Desy.

She further stated, the authority of the village now is wider but lacking of community leaders involvement in planning so it needs to be considered and improved so the community can be involved from the planning process until implementation and reporting to prevent corruption

In collaboration with the GMIT Synod, the TLM Foundation and the Uniting World, presented Haji Yusuf Murtiono, chairman of the Kebumen Civil Society Forum (FORMASI) presidium as a resource person with two materials namely; the nature and position of the Village Law and the Village Law realizing a strong, developed, independent and democratic village.

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