Kolobolon Productive Garden

By admintlm,

TLM foundation through village facilitators  invited Kolobolon villagers to transform 50 acre of unproductive land to be additional income source.

Productive garden in Kolobolon has 12 family heads as members (24 people). This garden began to be processed since March 2017 by planting red onions, garlics, , green beans, yardlong beans, cos lettuce, water spinach and chili.

All the plants  were planted organically  making them safe to consume and good to sell.



Unused Land


Productive garden group forming


Furrows and Seedbeds Making


Planting of dragon fruits seedlings


The watering of horticultural plants


Making of organic fertilizer


Village Law Training Workshop

By admintlm,

For the 2nd time) on 15-17 May 2017 TLM Foundation held Training and Discussion on how to apply Village Act, followed by 36 villages from 4 districts of each regency of Kupang, Rote Ndao, South Central Timor (TTS) and Sumba East. The event featured speakers Mr. Yusuf Murtiono, the leader of the FORMASI Kebumen NGO who has successfully implemented village assistance in various other areas of Indonesia through the Village School for People (SADAR). In addition to the village head, activities were also followed by village facilitators and TLM Foundation staff. From Kebumen, as a resource person who mastered the Village Law.

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