Lidamanu, An Educated Village of TLM since Year of 2016 with following programs : Water Project, Productive Garden and Officials and Community Training on Village Establishment based on 2014 Village Law.


Lidamanu Village is located in sub-district of Center of Rote, Region of Rote Ndao. It is established in 1965 with 13.04 km2 of area. Lidamanu is directly adjacent to Maubesi Village in the south, Otanale Village in the north, Limakoli village in the east and also adjacent to Maubesi Village and Onatale Village in the west.

1.554 total of population consist of male: 784 people and female: 770 people, consisting of 468 family heads. Lidamanu current village chief is Mr. Jaspro Paulus Muskananfola, the eleventh chief since the establishment of the village.

Name of Lidamanu Village taken from Rote Language, “Lida” means “wings” and “Manu” means “chicken”. The philosophy behind this name is “chicken wings that protects and nurturing. 68% of villagers are farmers, making Lidamadu as one of Rote Region granaries. Lidamanu has agriculture potential with its 4 springs.