Lidamanu is a large village in Rote Ndao District


TLM Foundation expanded the community development service in Rote Ndao District in Lidamanu Village located in the District of Central Rote. Lidamanu village has Lela springs that have long been used for irrigating community rice fields. The community built an irrigation path from the spring to a rice field area of ​​more than 2 kilometers. In the irrigation lane there is an empty land of 1.3 hectares which is not used for the process. While the processing of rice fields is also only done 6 months in a year.
TLM invites the community to utilize the land to be used as productive plantations that can be used as an additional source of income. The land can utilize a small part of the water that flows in the irrigation path of the infant. So since February, done cleaning work and land and then in June then conducted the first planting of onions, beans, beans, and healthy organic vegetables. The community of 16 Family is involved to become one of the assisted groups with the help of TLM facilitators. In addition to the productive garden program, TLM has also begun providing assistance to the implementation of the village law by training the authorities and will continue to serve the community.