Maubesi, An Educated Village of TLM since Year of 2016 with following programs: Water Project, Productive Garden and Officials and Community Training on Village Establishment based on 2014 Village Law.


Maubesi Village is located in Center Rote sub-district. It is established in 1967 with 2.321 km2 area. Maubesi is directly adjacent to Lidabesi in the south, Otanale Village and Sawu sea in the north, Lidamanu Village in the east and Metina village in the west.

Total population in this village is 1.424 people (male: 784 and female : 770), consists of 374 family heads. Current village head of Maubesi is Mr. Firlot Pellokila, the tenth village head with his second leadership period since the establishment of Maubesi.

The name of Maubesi is originally from Rote language, “Mau matene besi, Lo’a malanga sak”, with a phylosophy “people with strong will like iron in facing every problem”. This village is famous for its “Rawa Peto” which since 2009, snake-necked turtles were released in Maubesi village Peto swamp. 95% of villagers are farmers of paddy field and dry lands that are used to fulfill annual food need.