Maubesi is a large village located in the center of Rote Island


Maubesi Village is located in Rote Ndao District, Central Rote District. Has the potential in agriculture by relying on rainfed lowland rice managed very limited once a year. Villagers have unused vacant land by relying on water on traditional dug wells. But in fact, the water conditions of these wells never experience drought even in long dry seasons.

This condition motivated TLM and the community in Maubesi to start productive plantations on empty lands. The process of land clearing and tillage has been done in April and continued with pipeline and the manufacture of a flush tub. Cultivation has begun in June with Red Onion and broccoli. The type of plant selected is a plant that has a good selling price in the local city market. In addition to productive gardens, TLM also began implementing village law assistance through training for village officials and communities.