Ngaru Kanoru

Ngarukanoru, an educated Village of TLM since Year of 2014 with following programs : Water project, Productive garden and Officials and Community Training on Village Establishment based on 2014 Village Law


The village of Ngarukanoru is located in Umalulu sub-district, East Sumba regency. Established since 2001 with 30.80 km2 of area. This village is directly adjacent to Hanggaroru village in the south, Umalulu village in the north, Tamburi village in the east and Paberi Manera in the west. The distance from Ngarukanoru to sub-district of Melolo is 23 km. Total population in Ngarukanoru is 855 people (male: 425 people and female: 430 people), consists of 157 family heads that divided into 2 sub-villages, 4 hamlets and 8 neighborhoods. Current village head of Ngarukanoru is Mbulu Hamba Mangili, the fourth village head since its establishment. The name of Ngarukanoru is originally from East Sumba language, “Ngaru” means “mouth” and “kanoru” means “sugar palm tree” with phylosophy “ a village in the valley that has gate with so many sugar palm trees. 99% of villagers are dry land farmers. They produce corn twice a year and it make Ngarukanori as one of local food sources in East Sumba.


Productive Garden Water Project Procurement

The location of productive garden is higher than the location of spring. Therefore, to irrigate the water from spring to the garden, hydram technology is used under a consideration of low operation fund. Installation steps of Hydram pump project;

  1. Measuring the distance between spring and productive garden.
  2. Measuring the elevation from spring and productive garden
  3. Pump installation, pipe installation and water tanks making.
Hydram pump...

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