04 Feb, 2020

As an active participation in developing collaboration with partner village or assisted village, In the beginning of 2020 TLM Foundation facilitates 2019 Accountancy of Talenta Mart BUM Desa in Benlutu Village, Batu Putih Sub-district, TTS.

The meeting was held for one day in village office meeting room (Wednesday 15/01/2020), attended by village officials, Region Development Department, community representatives and Batu Putih sub-district empowerment assistant.

TLM Foundation transformation division head, Ferdy Frans mentioned that the meeting is to discuss on accountability report of end product of Talenta BUMDesa 2019 and to agree on several things such Talenta BUMDesa work plan 2020 which the income projected to reach 30 million rupiah.

To reach the number, Benlutu village chief, Obed Fallo commits to add more budget as capital of at least 50 million for Talenta Mart which is allocated from Benlutu income of 2020.

Aside from that, some strategic plans about BUMDesa such management, new business development and how to support village’s role were also discussed at the meeting to make Talenta BumDesa as community’s business central

The village chief affirmed to create village regulation that can help in actualizing BUM Desa’s purpose to be the only business gate for village community.

In implementing technical assistant for village government, especially for BUM Desa, TLM Foundation hopes that Talenta BUM Desa management will be able to undertake BUM Desa organization procedure according to regulation and provide a forum for BUM Desa and village

This was stated by TLM Foundation, Rozali Hussein in the meeting. He also supports Talenta BUM Desa Management to be proactive in developing the business.

“Management should be creative and innovative. It should be active in developing this business by paying attention to potential and opportunity in village as well as expand business links with competent partners. The business expansion should also cognize business plan to consider all profit and loss aspect of a business.” Explained Rozali

All related parties support and motivate BUM Desa management to excess the target and they will get bonus percentage for their achievement.

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