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10 Jun, 2019

Infirmus Abi is a resident of Benlutu village, Batu Putih Sub-district, South Middle Timor District.

In addition to being a farmer he is a government offial as well which is sub-village Head in Benlutu village.

The man was born in Benlutu 31 December 1974 has a hobby and unique skill that is not owned by other people in the village, which is assembling peanut peeler machine.

Infirmus is so care to the environment, he was taught by his father to always preserve the nature around the village where he lives. As told by Infirmus when he shared his experiences with the TLM Foundation village facilitator.

In 1982, the location around this spring was quite arid and barren so it was used by Infirmus’ family to farm as the location was quite close to spring.

After 3 years farming Infirmus made decision not to farm anymore in the location near to spring so it was moved to another location.

Reforestation is done in the old garden by planting lots of trees to protect water sources that have existed since their ancestors.

Now the communities are forbidden to cut down trees or take firewood in the reforestation area. In order to maintain the sustainability and condition of springs, there is a tradition that has been done for generations; they make a ritual by slaughtering a goat every year as a form of gratitude to nature which has provided an abundant source of spring water.

Infirmus also told that now they have additional income from planting betel in that location and have harvested. Even they have planned to flow water to other sub-village that lack of water where this sub-village is going to be one of Foundation assisted village.

Due to hard work and concern in preserving the environment, in 2018 InInfirmus won 1st place at TTS Regency KALPATARU from the TTS Regency Forestry Environment Service. (Kalpataru is one of the awards given to individuals or groups for their services in preserving the environment in Indonesia).

This year Infirmus has got recommendation from TTS Regency Forestry Environment Service to take part in the competition at the NTT Province level and if he is successful it will continue to the national level. (Adiyanto Baitanu)

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