New Hope for the Community and Primary School Students at Ngaru Kanoru

06 Nov, 2018

After all this time people and students of Ngaru Kanoru had to walk through steep road to get clean water for daily need and farming, then in Tuesday, October 22, 2018, Umalulu sub-district, Sumba Regency, located in Ngaru Kanoru Elementary School, their hope finally came true by The Inauguration of Clean Water Procurement Project.

The inauguration is a handover sign of project utilization and operation that had been completed by TLM Foundation and later will be managed independently by people and village government of Ngaru Kanoru using village fund for the well-being of Ngaru Kanoru people.

Local people expressed their happiness and enthusiasm on the water project by attending the inauguration. Head of Umalulu Sub-district, village officials, traditional and religion community leader as well as students and teacher also attended the inauguration.

Ngaru Kanoru was determined as assisted village in 2014 based on village survey under category of poor, limited water access and isolated. To solve these problems, TLM Foundation implemented productive garden and water project program with facility such reservoir, hydram pump, pipeline, and water tank in productive garden and Ngaru Kanoru Catholic Elementary school location.

By the program of productive garden, reservoir and water tank in productive garden and school location, as well as hydram pump installation, water is no longer a main problem in Ngaru Kanoru. 88 people in hamlet 1, 125 students and people from neighboring hamlets become beneficiaries of the projects who are now able to fulfill their need of clean water

RRohmawati, one of Ngaru Kanoru Catholic Elementary school said; “ I am so happy and thankful to TLM Foundation because by the making of water tank in school, our students will not be feeling tired anymore getting water from river. I also teach them to be grateful of this water project procurement by using water wisely, according to their need.”

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