Productive Garden

14 Nov, 2017

TLM foundation invited Sahraen community to transform 40m x 150m unproductive land into productive garden as source of additional income.
Productive garden in Sahraen is named “Niu Kore” which means “asam pendek/short tamarind tree”, with 10 family heads as members (38 people).
This garden began to be processed since 2017 by planting red onions, cos lettuce, water spinach, spinach and chili.

All the plants were planted organically making them safe to consume and good to sell. The garden members has already harvested their yields. They now can enjoy organic vegetables, especially red onions. Members have produced 1.350 kg gross of red onion that are ready to sell.

Unproductive land before the being processed


Productive Garden Group Forming


The land opening for productive garden


Furrows and Seedbeds Making


horticultural plants seedling


The watering of horticultural plants


horticultural plants treatment


horticultural plants that are ready for harvest


horticultural plants that are ready for harvest


1,5 ton of red onion is ready to sell



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