Productive Garden Water Project Procurement in Lidamanu Village

13 Sep, 2017

The location of productive garden is higher than the location of spring source. Therefor, to irrigate the water from the spring to the garden, hydram technology is used under a consideration of low operational fund.

Installation steps of Hydram pump project ;

  1. Measuring the distance between spring source and productive garden.
  2. Measuring the elevation from spring source and productive garden
  3. Water need  Volume.

Hydram Pump installation project is started shortly after learning all the steps above. All these process involve local community (32 members of productive garden). This hydram project can fulfill 1,3 acre of productive garden  water need .



Unused spring in Lidamanu Village


Irrigation Canal in Lidamanu Village


Hydram Pipe


Hydram Pump Installation Process



Hydram Pump Installation Process


Productive Garden Water Tank


The watering of horticultural plants using water from hydram pump

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