Productive Garden Water Project Procurement

29 Sep, 2017

Productive garden water project procurement in Kolobolon uses spring water that is located in the height of 800 meter from the garden area. To irrigate water from  spring to garden, TLM and villagers make use of gravity to facilitate and save energy in watering horticultural plants in productive garden.

The water infrastructure project covers:

  1. Pipelin
  2. Plastic Tarpaulin
  3. Fiber tank and,
  4. Water tanks

All these process involve local community (24 members of productive garden).

This water infrastructure project can fulfill 0,5 acre of productive garden  water need .


Spring that was not used by villagers before


Elevation measurement process from spring to productive garden area


Pembuatan Bak Penampung di dalam kebun produktif.


Pipe Materials for productive garden water project


Productive garden water tank in Kolobolon


Productive garden watering process

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