Productive Garden Water Project Procurement

15 Nov, 2017

The location of productive garden is 400m lower that water source. So, to irrigate water from source to the garden, TLM foundation and productive garden members use gravitate system. TLM provides pipe (HDPE) and several water tanks in garden area. This system will save operational fee.

Installation steps of pipe and water tanks;

1.Measuring the distance between spring source and productive garden.

2.Water need volume

3.Making of 2 water tanks.

This project is really helpful to water horticultural plants in productive garden so the members do not need to walk for miles to get water.


Spring that is used for productive


HDPE pipe material for water project installation


HDPE pipe installation


The making of water tank in productive garden area


Water for horticultural plants watering in productive garden


Horticultural plants watering using pipe

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