Revoked The Plan of Joining TKI Because of The Availability of Income Source in Village Through Productive Garden

10 Jul, 2018

 The Role of TLM – GMIT Foundation in Preventing Human Trafficking

Productive Garden Program that has been implementing by Tanaoba Lais Manekat GMIT since 2014 is a top program who has been invaluable for society of NTT because aside from increasing community’s income, it is helpful for government in providing jobs in village in order to decrease and prevent village community to seek for job outside village which leads to high rate of Human Trafficking in NTT.

Human Trafficking is all form of human trade and exploitation domestically or internationally through mechanism of coercion, thread, abduction, deception and deceit or putting someone in a state of forced labor such forced prostitution, domestic slave, debt incurred or other slavery practices.
According to ION (International Organization for Migration), until the beginning of 2018, there are 8.876 human trafficking victim from Indonesia.

Noticing this problem, TLM Foundation feel called morally to commit GMIT Church diaconia started to think of a solution to help government and society to reduce the high rate of human trafficking. One of the solution offered is to create jobs and income source by utilizing available resource, that is transforming unproductive land into productive garden which produces productive plants with economic values to help society in improving their life standard, whether from health or economy aspect.

Since 2013, TLM Foundation through its village facilitator has been implementing the program in several villages including Kiubaat, South Amanuban, TTS (South Central Timor).

Bildad Tefu is one of productive garden members in Kiubaat Village. He was born in Oeupun, Kiubaat in 16 February 1967. Bildad could only finished primary school because of his family’s economy state. He then worked as a construction worker. Getting bored with his job, he decided to go to Sulawesi in 2003 to work in oil palm plantation. After several years of living in Sulawesi, he went back to Kiubaat and he got married to his beloved wife, Berta Lape. Both are blessed with 2 children.

Economy situation forced him to work hard so he can fulfill his family’s need of food, clothing and house. He planned to join TKI (Indonesian migrant worker) program offered by some factions. But after some times, he met agriculture facilitator of TLM who offered productive garden program.
His family and his neighbor then agreed to form agriculture group, transforming unproductive land owned by his family that finally brought additional income to cover their daily needs, moreover to give good nutrient for his wife and children.

Bildad finally decided not to join TKI program offered to him. Couple of months after, he heard that the program was illegal.

“Praise the Lord, now I have income. I do not have to go abroad just to suffice my family’s need. We can actually earn money in village if we want to be diligent”. Said Bildad

“With TLM Foundation who wants to assist, guide and teach us about modern agriculture technique, we already have crops in 2014. From our sale of chili, tomato, papaya, dragon fruits and others plants, my wife and I could save for our children’s education, daily consumption and we can even build a house. Now I have no desire to go abroad for working”. He continued.

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