19 Dec, 2019

The inauguration of the Pancer Tani Program has been held in the yard of the Agricultural Extension Service Office (BPP) of the Horticultural Food and Agriculture Service Office, South Central Timor Regency (TTS) last Monday (9/12/2019), carried out by Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture ( SFSA), in collaboration with the Tanaoba Lais Manekat Foundation (YTLM-GMIT) and supported by BPP Kuatnana.

This was explained by the Head of BPP Kuatnana, Mrs. Elisabeth Radja, S.Tp when she was met in her office just prior to the inauguration.

“This Syngenta and TLM Foundation cooperation is very beneficial for our assisted farmer groups, especially young group members such as youth farmers. Because even though it has only been going on for three months, there have been changes that we can see. They can be entrepreneurs so they can be independent, not dependent on parents and feel their lives are more useful because they can help the family, “Elisabeth explained.

On that occasion, the CEO of the TLM Foundation, Rozali Hussein in his greeting speech said, the Pancer Tani program is a program that offers solutions to farmers’ problems which require a long time of more than two months for the process of horticultural crop production starting from land preparation, selecting superior seeds, nurseries that often fail, plant raising, harvest until the distribution of crops.

“After we met with our partner Mr. Teddy (Director of SFSA Indonesia_red), through the Pancer Tani program we want to increase the frequency of harvests and the distribution of farmers’ income,” he explained.

He further said, with this program, farmers can save time because there is a supplier of superior seeds, fertilizers and medicines through Agricultural Shop, there is no need for seedlings because there is a House of Seedlings, selling is also well managed and so on.

This was confirmed by the Director of the Syngenta Foundation (SFSA-Indonesia), Teddy Tambu in his greeting speech.

“The Pancer Tani Program is a program that opens business opportunities for rural communities especially young people in developing agricultural knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. The Pancer Tani Program in Indonesia is only in Lampung, Java, and the farthermost is in NTT, which is in Kuatnana Sub-District of TTS District and here we are working with the TLM Foundation, “Teddy said.

Teddy also hoped that the regional government and the community, especially young people support this program so that Syngenta Foundation will be able to succeed in the vision that he brings, namely to increase farmers’ income through the agriculture industry.

Yuniaty Nenohai a young female beneficiary of Pancer Tani Program, when she was asked about her response said, she was very happy with the help of this program, that she could set up her own business.

“There are parents who can afford to send children to university, some are not, just like me. But I am proud because now I already have an agriculture shop with an income above three million rupiah every month. So, I can now help parents instead”. Said the twenty-year-old lady who is familiarly called Tanti.

Delighted to give a speech at the same time inaugurate the Pancer Tani Program, Vice-Regent of South Central Timor, Army Konay expressed his appreciation and welcomed the presence of the Syngenta Foundation in TTS area because the program could create reliable farmers in the village.

Konay also hoped that in the future, NGOs or foundations engaged in agriculture must sit together with the government to find practical solutions for developing agriculture in the TTS Regency.

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