The Assistance of TLM-GMIT Foundation in Assisting People With Disability In Kupang City

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  • Identifying Skills & Interests of PWD
  • Providing PWD training through Internship

Tanaoba Lais Manekat Foundation, YTLM GMIT, is a community development and empowerment institution ensconced under GMIT Synod, work and serve society in several aspects such as enhancement of congregation’s economy, education,  training and other social activities to increase congregation and society’s welfare to escape from poverty.

One of the top programs YTLM is PWD (People with Disability) Assistance. This program is created as a form of support from TLM Foundation for people with disability in Kupang and surrounding areas because TLM Foundation notices that no related organization or institution that is intensively concerned about PWD before.

There is no adequate access or facility for PWD to run their activity the way general public do and they often get ostracized by society and they do not have same opportunity in working with non disabled people and often times being pitied.

Noticing this issue, TLM Foundation as a society empowerment institution feel like they called into social community to change the paradigm about PWD by empowering and giving them chance to develop themselves just like other general public.

Since 2014, TLM Foundation placed Christin Malle, one of transformation and training division staffs to find, collect PWS in Kupang and give them training through workshop and FGD (Focused Group Discussion). By the workshop ad FGD, Christin Malle and team successfully gathered 104 PWD.  The team then gave the PWD motivational materials and identified their interest and skill.

 “We picked them up and gathered them in TLM every 3 month (4 times in a year), we trained them with motivational materials through workshop and FGD like Confidence, Mutual Respect in social life, work and independency, business management/financial management. After that, we grouped them according to their interest and talent and give them opportunity of internship. Until now, TLM Foundation has successfully served 47 PWD who received In Kind Aid (equipment and material), 36 PWD has received access of business capital modal with 0,5%  of interest per month, 1 PWD has interest in sewing, 38 PWD are interested in crafting, 3 PWD are jewelry craftsmen, 10 PWD have interest in business management, 3 PWD have enthusiasm in graphic design and 8 are interested in English. In fact, they can learn so fast” explained Christine.

Furthermore, Christine explained that the PWD is trained for 2-3 internship program and if they are assessed as quite good to start a business, TLM Foundation with its In Kind program (equipment and material support) as appurtenance to establish their business independently. Aside from that, TLM Foundation also gives them business capital loan access. All of these things are inclusion in serving society generally for equalization, especially for PWD without any distinction of their social status.

Cheerful Smile of FGD Participant after receiving Motivation and Confidence Material

Christin hopes that with this PWD assistance, PWD can take this opportunity, cooperate with TLM to develop their, be confidence and to start a business independently, to have decent life so they can change the paradigm in of society about PWD.

During the PWD assistance in Kupang, Christin explained that there as some issues faced by PWD, especially visually impaired people who usually work as door to door massage therapist or peddlers. It is so sad that the income is imbalance with transport fee that they spend to get to costumers’ house.

“They earn about Rp. 50.000 to Rp 75.000 for each costumer, while their expense for transportation is Rp 60.000, depend on the distance. Other than that, they have to travel around everyday for selling their products,” Added Christin.

Looking at the above issue, TLM Foundation is planning to establish an organization as People With Disability’s Activity Center, like Rumah Sehat (Healthy Home) for traditional massage parlor and products display for craft they produce. One of PWD who is a member of TLM FGD group, Margarita Poke, admits that she is so happy to join TLM, she get motivation, she can share her experience with other PWD and she get enough training and business capital so she can have her own business now  “I run cake and cookies business but I did not have enough capital so I could not produce them massively. Praise the Lord, after joining TLM, I received loan to buy ingredients. Now I can produce much more than before”. Said Margarita.

TLM Rural Bank Movement in working and Serving the Society

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  • Attains IDR 215 Billion Asset
  • The best National Rural Bank

Tanaoba Lais Manekat GMIT Rural Bank is a business unit established and developed by TLM-GMIT Foundation to serve clients’ need of small and medium enteIDRrise capital loan to increase congregation and society’s welfare.

BPR TLM has been established by TLM Foundation since 1 February 2008, as a media of congregation’s economy empowerment. It is located in Ahmad Yani Street No. 43, Oeba village, Kelapa Lima sub-district, Municipal of Kupang, Province of East Nusa Tenggara. It has 1 branch office in Baubau, Kupang Regency and 1 cashier office in Naikoten, Kupang Municipal.

Executive director of TLM Bank, Robert Fanggidae, through its secretary explained that in its development, the bank has undergone significant growth, especially asset growth. By 31 December 2017, the bank has successfully achieved IDR. 215 Billion, while total of disbursed credit is IDR 189 Billion, saving is IDR 53 billion, Deposit is IDR 136 billion, capital deposit is IDR 12 billion, profit is 4.9 billion, NPL is 2,38% with total client 12,458 people. This number will keep increasing.

Robert who familiarly called Pak Bobi said that TLM Rural Bank since its establishment until now has been implementing a good management and service, so since year of 2011 to 2017, it is successfully predicated as of one of the best National Rural Bank for seven times in a row  with “VERY GOOD” from INFO BANK  magazine. This achievement need to be appreciated to make it as a motivation for TLM Rural Bank Management in serving society.

To maintain the achievement, TLM Rural Bank keeps working on improvement and innovation to improve service, to adjust with market competition that gets higher over time. For that matter, TLM Rural Bank plans to be more enterprising in enhancing its credit quality, adding deposit capital and improving human resources quality. “We are doing all of these because transformation is a must, not a choice. The enhancement of human resources quality is a priority”. Said Robert.

TLM Rural Bank has created work field for 84 staff who work every business hour serving the society. They are recruited from various education backgrounds and then being well trained about their job desk to make them professional in serving congregation and society. This is one of institution contribution in providing employment that can decrease unemployment rate in Province of NTT

While about credit improvement provided, what has been running becomes TLM Bank success indicator in general. TLM Rural Bank works hard, scrutinizes market opportunity, and innovates in designing its products such suppress loan interest to 0,83% flat per month, raise interest rate of future saving/deposit to 8,75 so it can compete in society.

TLM Bank Credit Director, Yeremia Nappoe in a meeting in his room explained that for this month (March), TLM Bank give promo of consumptive loan for civil servants, they have opportunity to access the loan with simple requirements and fast process.

“We give them competitive interest (0,83% per month) with a fast process, maximal 1 day for disbursement. They just  need to complete administrative requirements, civil servant decree letter as warranty, while  private company employees have to provide additional warranty like land certificate or BPKB (certificate of vehicles ownership). We can take over clients’ loan for those who already have loan in other microfinance company if they could fulfill the requirements. Loan time period starts from 5 to 20 years; depend of their remaining work time as civil servants.” Explained Yerry.

Futhermore, Yerry stated that everyone can be TLM Bank client, whether saving or loan client as long as they can fulfill applicable terms and conditions. This is a chance; it depends on whoever wants to take it.

“Aside from to uplift TLM BANK quality service to the society the puIDRose of this consumptive credit offering for society is to stimulate weary market share in this early year to increase our credit and debit growth” He said.

As one of TLM Rural Bank leaders, Yerry hopes that in the future, they can succeed TLM Banks as a bank that more advanced and have better quality in serving, especially the quality of human resources, strong management and better credit quality with all TLM stakeholders.

TLM-GMIT Foundation and All Village Heads of East Amarasi Sub-district

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Training on how to make (Competency Village Regulation)

In Amarasi sub-district office, TLM Foundation with its Transformation division conducted socialization and training on village authority according to Village Law Number 6, Year 2014 for village heads, BPD (Village Deliberation Agency), village experts and village counselors of Amarasi sub-districts, Kupang Regency, they are 8 villages with 18 participants that participated in the training.

Training took place in 6 March 2018, consists of 3 sessions, they are; material presentation, discussion and practice of making PerDes (village regulation) guided by TLM foundation trainers. The training is the follow up of FORKOMDES Regency level implemented in Kupang Regency in November of 2017 with FORKOMDES members in Kupang Regency as targets. ”we started with Amarasi sub-district, from West Amarasi to East Amarasi this week with a purpose that village heads, BPD, village officials and village community to have awareness of their power so they can have initiative start arrange and determine PerDes Kewenangan Desa (Competency Village Regulation)”, explain Freand Teddy Neno, the main spokesperson in the training.

Rozali Hussein, CEO of YTLM also attended the opening of the training, stated that this activity comes from desire of the heart to serve those who work for village government. “village development is the authority of village according to President Jokowi’s mandate that slogan “building village” has changed into “village that builds”, for that reason, village has to have enough knowledge to fulfill the slogan”. Rozali added, “to improve the economy welfare of village community, village has to try to increase its income through BUMDES development,” explained Rozali in his welcome speech.

In that opportunity, Sub-district head of Amarasi, Alexander O. Matte expressed his gratitude to YTLM which has contributed in helping government, especially village government in Amarasi sub-district area. The obstacles they have been facing for all this time is the lack of knowledge of village heads and village apparatus on village law causes desynchronized in implementing law and other authorities among village heads and regional government.

“The training conducted by TLM is not incidental, it is the plan of God. We need to be thankful and supportive. This is really great and helpful for sub-district government, particularly village government. We hope that this training is the beginning introduction and an entrance, not an exit, so in the future we will still have a good cooperation and regular communication with TLM to help us”, said Alexander.

in the sideline of the training, one of participants, Nelson F. Boemau, village head of Oesena said that he is so happy and appreciates the training because it is really usefyl for them as the leaders of village community. “ we are of course so glad with this kind of training because it wakes our awareness of our rights and power as the leader in village in contriving PerDes Kewenangan, our human resource has not been maximized yet and it causes the lack of understanding on what we need to do. So with this training, we can cooperate well with village apparatus, BPD and sub-village official to implement applicable mandate of law.”

Similar training will also be conducted in East Amarasi sub-district on  8 March  2018 and will be ended in West Amarasi sub-district on 9 March 2018. Total of village that involved in the training for one week is 19 of 3 sub-districts that invited by YTLM. YTLM with the village heads is planning to conduct a follow up activity in upcoming May with BUMDES determination.

YTLM-GMIT has conducted training and mentoring on Village Law Number 6 implementation in 4 regencies of NTT, they are Rote Ndao, TTS (South Central Timor), East Sumba and Kupang since Mei 2017. This is a contribution of YTLM as a Non Governmental Organization to government and NTT community in improving the welfare started from village.


Productive Garden Water Project Procurement

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The location of productive garden is 400m lower that water source. So, to irrigate water from source to the garden, TLM foundation and productive garden members use gravitate system. TLM provides pipe (HDPE) and several water tanks in garden area. This system will save operational fee.

Materials and tools provided by TLM are:


2.Pipe accessories

3.Water tanks material.

All the process if the water project involved local community. (22 members of productive garden were involved). This project can fulfill 0,7 acre productive garden water need. Aside from that, TLM also help in irrigating water from source to people around it to fulfill drinking water need. To make it more effective, TLM also procure hydroelectricity, electricity meter, electricity substation around the spring. This project is really helpful for Nekmese people.

Sumber mata air Oemat Hitu di Desa Nekmese

Pembuatan saluran pipa dari mata air ke kebun produktif

Pembuatan bak suply dan bak penampung di kebun produktif

Pembuatan saluran pipa didalam kebun produktif

Pembuatan bak suply dan bak penampung di kebun produktif

Penyiraman tanaman hortikultura kebun nekmese menggunakan selang


Serving Members and Society’s Consumptive needs

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Tanaoba Lais Manekat Consumer Cooperative (KK TLM-GMIT) is a business unit established and developed by TLM-GMIT to provide goods and service need for its members in order to improve the welfare of members’ family and society. The operational of KK TLM GMIT is based on family value, dependability value, responsibility value, democratic value, equality value, justice value, independent value and professionalism value.
KK TLM-GMIT was established on 26 August 2013, located in Ahmad Yani Street Number 43, urban-village of Oeba, sub-district of Kelapa Lima, Municipal of Kupang, Province of East Nusa Tenggara with Number of Act: 151/KEP/M.KUKM/XL/2010.

When being interviewed in her room on the beginning of this business, manager of KK TLM-GMIT, Jokobet Ully Rohi Bire explain that it started as convenient store to serve the need of its members who are staff of TLM Foundation, BPR TLM (TLM Bank) and KSP TLM (TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative). Apart from it, KK TLM also provide Fotocopy service to serve administrative need of TLM Group.

Futhermore, Jokebet or who is usually called Ibu Joke said that TLM Consumer Cooperative which has held two Annual Meeting is established by 22 Founding Member that consist of  TLM –GMIT Foundation Board Members. They are the ones who initiated to establish KK TLM at the same time became initial capital depositors for KK Business for amount of Rp. 50.250.000 as Principle Saving and Mandatory Saving.

In its development, TLM Consumer Cooperative has experienced significant growth, especially the growth of its asset. The total asset until 31 December 2017 is Rp. 7.286.897.729, sourced from Members’ Saving and Soft Loan from TLM Foundation, TLM Bank and TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative. Total of members keeps increasing. They are not only TLM Group staff but also people of Kupang and its surroundings. Until 31 December 2017, total number of active members are 814 people, and it will surely increase.

Business units of KK TLM are TLM Mart, foto copy center,  purchase credit of electronics and transportation, future saving, coffee shop, pig raising (livestock, transportation service (travel and truck). KK TLM also provide building material such sand, sandstone and crushed stone. KK TLM also improve its service by open the  Mart and Coffee shop for 24 hours every day.

KK TLM has created employment for 20 staffs who work every day. This is the contribution of TLM in providing employment to decrease the number of unemployed in NTT.

For the last few years, equity trend has increased by 122%, proving that stability of KK TLM and there is an annual external audit done by public accountant regularly since its establishment with appropriate valuation without exception.

KK TLM always maintain its service quality by paying attention to economy and technology development so it will be able to compete in current global economy competition

Not satisfy with its achievement, Jokobet with her team is planning to open a branch office in 2018, establish a pig livestock, improve goods sale on credit according to 1.207 members’ need. Aside from that, Jokobet also targets to raise the equity to Rp.199.142.688, raise staff salary and cooperate with Independent Auditor to conduct annual audit and also hold 2017 Year Book Annual Meeting before 31 March 2018.

As the leader of KK TL, Joke hopes “to make KK TLM as a cooperative that will keep growing properly by prioritizing quality service, keep innovating in its business to keep members and society’s trust. In the future, this cooperative will be able to expand its service so it can have strategic contribution in helping child education through Education Saving, hire more employee to fight poverty and unemployment and also to be the partner of its members to develop their business in order to increase members and society’s life standard.

While Mr. Rozali, one of KK TLM Founders, when being interviewed in his office stated “we hope that KK TLM can help church and society by engaging in business that provides congregation and village community’s principle need because this is  promising business”. He said.