09 Sep, 2019

Tanaoba Lais Manekat Foundation GMIT gave scholarship aid to poor students in SMK 1 Kristen (Christian Vocational High School of Kupang).

The Scholarship Aid worth 3 million per student for 30 students of third grade, symbolically handed by Drs. Yulius Riwu Kaho as TLM Foundation’s Governing Body Chief in SMK 1 Kristen Hall. Kupang, Wednesday (4/9/2019).

The scholarship awarding is the third for students of SMK 1 Kristen. Previously was in 2017 and 2018 with same worth and number of same goal. Total amount of scholarship is Rp 270 million.

Principle of SMK 1 Kristen Mardonan Y. Nyola, Head of TLMF General Division, Martinje Feoenale-Djungu, Ona Tasoin, a staff of TLMF and parents of the scholars were present when scholarship awarding event.

Yulius Riwu in that opportunity explaining the parents that Tanaoba Lais Manekat means serving with love, so that, based on the meaning, TLM pays attention to social issues.

He explained that TLMF have work program in education field that is scholarship and education loan. Scholarship is pure aid; while education loan is where the borrowers are obligated to returned the loan without paying interest.

He continued to explain that TLMF was established by GMIT Synod Assembly in 1994 but its service not only for GMIT congregation members but for wider community, especially those who are poor.

Yulius asked the students to use the scholarship properly and responsibly, mainly to uphold education process in their school.

Meanwhile, Head of TLMF General Division, Martintje Foenale-Djungu elucidated that the scholarship is given gradually, Rp 250.000/month.

“TLM will transfer 250 to Nehemia Foundation that is responsible for SMAK 1 Kristen so the students will receive 250 each month.

In his speech, Principle Mardonan Y. Nyola said that the school is grateful to TLM GMIT for concerning about their students.

This is of course so helpful for the students, especially poor students. We will supervise to make sure that the scholarship will be used wisely by the students,” he stated.

Gratefulness also came from the parents. They said that they are really thankful that their the scholarship ease their economy burden.

One of scholars’ parents who was present , Veronika K. Owon said that she had always been burden with her children’ tuition. Two of her children are now at University and other two are still in the primary school.

“yes I really am thankful to TLM Foundation, may God bless all people who work there so they are graced with health and prosperity to keep serving society enthusiastically.

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