TLM Foundation Hand in Hand with Indonesian Oecumene Christian Church Bring Clean Water to Netutnana

22 Nov, 2018

Netutnana, one of villages in South Amanatun sub-district, Regency of South Central Timor may be joyful for clean water that had always been a rare thing for thembecause they could only get it after going through a steep road and crossing a dry river to reach water spring located 800 meters lower than settlement of villagers or have to buy it with quite expensive price, that is IDR 600.000/5000 liters, is now among them.

The gratefulness of their happiness is shown by the inauguration of clean water project held in 14 November 2018 in Netutnana, precisely in Church Building of GMIT Eklesia Neunuabai

The inauguration is attended by The head of Territorial Presbyterian, Head of GMIT Eklesia Neunuabai Congregation, some priest from various church denominations in Netutnana, village head and its staff, community leaders in Netutnana, Priest Anton Angkouw, former Synod President of Indonesian Oicumene Christian Church and Mr. Rozali Hussein as Executive Director of TLM Foundation as well as people of Netutnana.

Clean water project in Netutnana is a collaboration work between Indonesia Oicumene Christian Church and TLM-GMIT Foundation that started in the beginning of July 2018. Both parties decided to assist people of Netutnana after witnessing their life condition where it was so difficult for them to get clean water because the location of water source is so distant and there were no supporting facilities.

Proyek ini meliputi instalasi pompa hydram di mata air Onamben, pembuatan jembatan pipa menyeberangi sungai, pengadaan 2 bak penampungan, pembangunan 1 toilet umum serta perpipaan yang menghubungkan mata air dan bak-bak penampungan tersebut. Proyek ini juga melibatkan seluruh warga Netutnana yang berasal dari berbagai denominasi gereja. Mereka dengan senang hati terlibat membantu pengerjaan proyek demi kepentingan bersama. Dengan suksesnya proyek ini, air bersih  tidak lagi menjadi barang langka di desa Netutnana.

This project covers hydram-pump installation in Onamben spring, installation of pipes across the dry river, procurement of 2 water tanks, 1 public toilet and pipeline that connects the spring and the water tanks. This project also involved people of Netutnana from various church denominations. They were pleasantly involved to help the processing of the project for their common interest. By the success of this project, clean water in no longer a rate thing in Netutnana.

Currently, people of Netutnana are able to access clean water easily for the need of drinking, bathing, washing and other household needs without walking far through steep road because the clean water is now in their midst. About 200 families and neighboring villages become the beneficiaries of the project.

In his speech, Mr. Rozali Hussein asserted that the built facilities can be used by all people of Netutnana regardless of religion, denomination, ethnicity and race. He also reminded the people to use water wisely and to take care of the existing facilities together.

Later on, clean water in Netutnana will be managed by BUMDES (Village-owned Enterprise) to guarantee the sustainability of its maintenance and utilization.

One of people in Netutnana, Yunus Mantolas expressed his gratitude, “we have submitted many proposals to related instances to procure clean water in our village but we got no respond. It is unexpected for us that Indonesian Oicumene Christian Church and TLM-GMIT Foundation set their hearts to help us even when we did not ask so now we do not have to walk far just to get water. We had tried since long ago to irrigate water to the midst of our settlement but it came out unsuccessful. We are so thankful for Indonesian Oicumene Christian Church and TLM-GMIT Foundation for helping us with hydram technology and provided us with water technician, who is a staff of TLM-GMIT Foundation to assist us from the start to the completion of this project so that we can now enjoy the clean water without worrying about its availability.”

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