TLM Foundation Spreads “Virus” of Organic Agriculture for Nekmese Community, South Amarasi, Kupang Regency

19 Jun, 2019

Sefnat Ora, (45) who works daily as a farmer, cultivates green bean in Nekmese village, Sub-district of South Amarasi, Kupang Regency.

Now he starts learning agriculture cultivation based on Standard Operating Procedure and applies it on the plants he has never planted before such greens, cabbage, chili and bitter melon.

Previously, this man with 4 kids visited Nekmese Productive Garden, TLM Foundation assisted village to buy vegetables.

In the garden, he saw that vegetable beds that were 1 meter width, 10 meter length and 40 cm height with 50 cm drainage were neatly lined up and planted with greens, fruits, tubers and they were grown organically.

Based on his interest in land processing and cultivation technique in Nekmese productive garden, Sefnat then asked TLM Foundation facilitator to assist him to cultivate plants in a 40x80m land that he owns.

“in the past, I didn’t plant green bean in beds, I only grew plants like corn and they usually damaged because I used hose to water, many of them broke.” Said Sefnat

Moreover, the man usually called Om Sef (Uncle Sef) told his experience of farming using chemical fertilize that was quite expensive for his operating cost

“I grew my plants using chemical fertilizer (urea fertilizer) and it made me went through financial difficulty because I had to increase the dose every year otherwise the plants would not grow fertile and my garden would damage (drought land) and to sell my vegetables, I had to go to Oesao Market because most of farmer here grow green bean so mine would likely unsold” explained Sefnat when talking to Umbu Sabarua, agriculture facilitator of TLM Foundation in Nekmese.

That is where Sefnat got motivated to adopt new technique that is different from what he has done before; organic agriculture system.

Seftnat said that his garden now is distinct with what it was before because now he plants on beds, using organic fertilizer (liquid organic fertilizer, Bokasi), applies plant rotation system and more effective and easy marketing technique because costumers tend to prefer organic product.

“After making the beds, the hose no longer press the plants because there is drainage now. I also using organic fertilizer where the material to make is easy to find because there are so much animal waste around. I just need to mix it with EM4 and leaves. I grow vegetables like water spinach and Chinese mustard green and not only green bean like before”, explained Sefnat excitedly.

To sell his garden product, he consulted with TLM Foundation facilitator so when harvest season comes, his crops not only sold in Oesao and Kupang but also sold to his neighbor and community around Nekmese because many people look for organic vegetable./p>

Sefnat Ora who is now being assisted by TLM Foundation outside Assisted productive garden group expressed his gratitude to God because through TLM Foundation he is introduced to integrated horticultural technique with organic system which is more productive and the products are easy to sell.

“So personally my family and I are thankful for getting assistance and I hope this will continue because I still need so much to learn.” Said Sefnat. (Umbu Sabarua)

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