TLM-GMIT Foundation and All Village Heads of East Amarasi Sub-district

20 Mar, 2018

Training on how to make (Competency Village Regulation)

In Amarasi sub-district office, TLM Foundation with its Transformation division conducted socialization and training on village authority according to Village Law Number 6, Year 2014 for village heads, BPD (Village Deliberation Agency), village experts and village counselors of Amarasi sub-districts, Kupang Regency, they are 8 villages with 18 participants that participated in the training.

Training took place in 6 March 2018, consists of 3 sessions, they are; material presentation, discussion and practice of making PerDes (village regulation) guided by TLM foundation trainers. The training is the follow up of FORKOMDES Regency level implemented in Kupang Regency in November of 2017 with FORKOMDES members in Kupang Regency as targets. ”we started with Amarasi sub-district, from West Amarasi to East Amarasi this week with a purpose that village heads, BPD, village officials and village community to have awareness of their power so they can have initiative start arrange and determine PerDes Kewenangan Desa (Competency Village Regulation)”, explain Freand Teddy Neno, the main spokesperson in the training.

Rozali Hussein, CEO of YTLM also attended the opening of the training, stated that this activity comes from desire of the heart to serve those who work for village government. “village development is the authority of village according to President Jokowi’s mandate that slogan “building village” has changed into “village that builds”, for that reason, village has to have enough knowledge to fulfill the slogan”. Rozali added, “to improve the economy welfare of village community, village has to try to increase its income through BUMDES development,” explained Rozali in his welcome speech.

In that opportunity, Sub-district head of Amarasi, Alexander O. Matte expressed his gratitude to YTLM which has contributed in helping government, especially village government in Amarasi sub-district area. The obstacles they have been facing for all this time is the lack of knowledge of village heads and village apparatus on village law causes desynchronized in implementing law and other authorities among village heads and regional government.

“The training conducted by TLM is not incidental, it is the plan of God. We need to be thankful and supportive. This is really great and helpful for sub-district government, particularly village government. We hope that this training is the beginning introduction and an entrance, not an exit, so in the future we will still have a good cooperation and regular communication with TLM to help us”, said Alexander.

in the sideline of the training, one of participants, Nelson F. Boemau, village head of Oesena said that he is so happy and appreciates the training because it is really usefyl for them as the leaders of village community. “ we are of course so glad with this kind of training because it wakes our awareness of our rights and power as the leader in village in contriving PerDes Kewenangan, our human resource has not been maximized yet and it causes the lack of understanding on what we need to do. So with this training, we can cooperate well with village apparatus, BPD and sub-village official to implement applicable mandate of law.”

Similar training will also be conducted in East Amarasi sub-district on  8 March  2018 and will be ended in West Amarasi sub-district on 9 March 2018. Total of village that involved in the training for one week is 19 of 3 sub-districts that invited by YTLM. YTLM with the village heads is planning to conduct a follow up activity in upcoming May with BUMDES determination.

YTLM-GMIT has conducted training and mentoring on Village Law Number 6 implementation in 4 regencies of NTT, they are Rote Ndao, TTS (South Central Timor), East Sumba and Kupang since Mei 2017. This is a contribution of YTLM as a Non Governmental Organization to government and NTT community in improving the welfare started from village.


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