TLM-GMIT Foundation Gives A New Hope For The Poor in Village of Kolobolon

05 Jun, 2018

  • Produktif) menjadi Kebun Produktif sebagai sumber pendapatan warga

  • The new hope is transforming unproductive land into productive land to be used as source of income

Kolobolon is one of villages located in Central Rote Sub-district, Rote Ndao Regency. Kolobolon was established in 1968. In 2018, total population in Kolobolon is 1.587 which 80% of them are seasonal farmers where their crops depend on water debit in rainy season. This causes garden and rice fields’ crops are used only for daily consumption not for sale. Aside from the lack of water access to water the plants, land in Kolobolon is dry and rocky and it is impossible to be used to grow productive plants.

In 2014, TLM_GMIT Foundation as one of community empowerment institutions who run community’s economy improvement program, through its staff ran survey on villages that will be made as its assisted villages. Based on survey and agreement with Mr. Watson Sodi Mbuik as The Village Head at the time, decided to enact Kolobolon as one of their assisted villages.

 The success of growing dragon fruits as top plants in productive garden of Kolobolon village is not just make it as the income source for local community but also makes Kolobolon as the only one village in Rote Ndao Regency that produce dragon fruits with unique taste.

Seeing the success,   Department of Law and Human Right   of NTT Province will try to give Kolobolon a patent right of dragon fruits as their top product.

Early Process of transforming productive land into productive garden


Unproductive garden that has been transformed into productive garden is planted with dragon fruits as top plant and many variety of vegetables


Community involved their families to work in productive garden because the sale the product is to fulfill families’ need

Community actively work in productive garden because they have known the result

Dragon fruits as the top plants grow fertile and ready to harvest

Selling dragon fruit with unique taste.

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