Training of Banana Chip Making in Sahraen Village

26 Sep, 2018

Banana chips is one of home industry product interested by community, therefore it economy potential to be business product.

In 4 September 2019 TLM Foundation conducted training for people of hamlet 5, Sahraen village, Kupang Regency. This hamlet is selected because of its great potential of water, banana trees and community especially females who have attended training in village level.  Fera Huwae, one of TLM Foundation training staff explained to training participant how to make banana chips as joint venture to increase community’s income. Training was presented with theory and practice. It was started by explaining material of  “Forming Group”, “Marketing Strategy” and “Simple Accounting”.

After studying the theory, group the group immediately practiced making banana chips together. The processed had several stages such; preparing ingredients and tools, slice the banana according to desired size, fry the sliced bananas, leak them then packed.


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Aside from provide training, TLM Foundation also provide standard packaging and marketing as well as assisted them to register their product to get license from Government, BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food Control).

As for the price, 200 gr packaging, group sell it for Rp. 10.000/package

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