Utilization of unproductive land into productive land

19 Jun, 2018

Since 2014, TLM Foundation has been directly involved to help people of Kolobolon village to transform unproductive land into productive land to improve their income and welfare. TLM Foundation with its facilitator who lives in Kolobolon and people of Kolobolon started to process the 5000 meters unproductive land to be productive. There were 22 people (12 family head) involved in this process and it was known by local government

pembuatan pagar di lahan tidur desa Kolobon


tiang kayu untuk tanda tanah sudah di beri pupuk kandang di kebun pengembangan desa Kolobolon

persiapan lahan untuk menanam buah naga

At the beginning, they started to clean the land and it was started to be processed by sprinkling fertilizer on the soil manure to enrich the nutrient in the soil. TLM Foundation introduced a farming technique using organic fertilizer. This technique was introduced because aside from health and economy aspect, the source of fertilizer is available around the community. After being processed, the land was ready to be planted with productive plants like red onion (Allium cepa), garlic (Allium sativum), string been (Phaseolus vulgaris), green mustard (Brassica rapa), water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica), dragon fruits (Hylocereus polyrhizus), tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) and red pepper (Capsicum frutescens).

tanaman bawang lokal di desa Kolobolon


tanaman bawang lokal di desa Kolobolon


tanaman tomat dan cabai di lahan produktif desa Kolobolon


tanaman buncis paria, kacang panjang dan ketimun di bedengan mulsa desa Kolobolon


To irrigate the water for the plants, TLM foundation provided support by utilize nearest water spring. The water is irrigated using hydram technology through pipes and goes to several water tanks in the garden. This helps productive garden member to not walk too far to get water for the plants. Previously, the members had to walk about 300 meters to get water and when it dried up, they could not water the plants. By using hydram technology, the water now can be irrigated from its source that is located lower than the garden and the irrigation will stay stabile.

pipa hydram di desa kolobolon


pipa hydram menaikan air ke tempat yang lebih tinggi di desa kolobolon


penampungan air di lahan produktif desa Kolobolon


pemanfaatan air dengan teknologi Hydram untuk pertanian

In 7 Mei 2018, Regional Representative Board Member, Ir. Abraham Paul Liyanto visited Kolobolon productive garden. In his visit, Paul Liyanto observed and gave appreciation to TLM Foundation for helping government’s program, especially through productive garden, water project with hydram technology and village law implementation mentoring so that village community and village government can use village fund in the right way as well as arrange plan for upcoming years.

Anggota DPD RI Ir Abraham Paul Liyanto mengunjungi Kebun Produktif Desa Kolobolon


Anggota DPD RI Ir Abraham Paul Liyanto mengunjungi Kebun Produktif Desa Kolobolon


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