Village Law Training Workshop

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For the 2nd time) on 15-17 May 2017 TLM Foundation held Training and Discussion on how to apply Village Act, followed by 36 villages from 4 districts of each regency of Kupang, Rote Ndao, South Central Timor (TTS) and Sumba East. The event featured speakers Mr. Yusuf Murtiono, the leader of the FORMASI Kebumen NGO who has successfully implemented village assistance in various other areas of Indonesia through the Village School for People (SADAR). In addition to the village head, activities were also followed by village facilitators and TLM Foundation staff. From Kebumen, as a resource person who mastered the Village Law.

The first day begins with the delivery of important matters in the implementation of the Village Act after which it is followed by a discussion of the problems that arise in its application. Many questions asked by the village head regarding the Village Law, all questions answered well by Mr. Joseph and explained in detail including government regulations and how solutions are needed for problems arising in the village. Also taught about how to draw up a work plan based on the origin of the region and the simulation of the work plan of each village is accompanied by the facilitator. Training and Discussion Activities Implementation of the Village Law aims to improve the capacity and capability of the authorities in understanding the purposes of the Village Law and its supporting regulations, To be able to carry out development planning, budget planning until its implementation is participatory, democratic, transparent and has benefits for each village.

The village heads who were present greatly benefited from this training, through informant information and from discussions built amongst the village heads. They hope the same activities can be done on a regular basis. To realize the above intentions, the village heads present felt the need to establish a communications forum together as a forum for discussion and information sharing.

At the end of the session, the participants agreed to form an organization called Forum Communication of the Village Government of East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT) or NTK FORKOM. The formation of the forum continues by selecting the Presidium Board with its composition: Simsoni Balukh, Head of Oematamboli Village, Rote Ndao Regency as Chairman of the Presidium; Jemmy Kapitan, Soba Village Head, Kupang District as Secretary; Yohana Lailogo, TLM Foundation as deputy secretary; And Amatus Tateni, Head of Naip Village, TTS Regency as Treasurer.

In addition, coordinators in 3 regions were selected: Watson Sodi Mbuik, Chief of Kolobolon Village, as Korote Rote Ndao Regency; Yorim Rensini, Head of Apren Village, as Kupang District Coordinator; And Jemi B.M. Benu, Head of Panite Village, as Korwil of TTS District. All the village heads present are the founders of the forum and at the same time being members. Other regional councils will be formed later.

FORKOM Presidium Council of NTT Provincial Villages is given the confidence and duty to socialize the existence of forums in each district in order to gain greater support from the village government organizers and to build communication and coordination across districts so that the district policy that will be made for the village is truly feasible and Protect the village. TLM Foundation will also play a role in assisting this forum to enhance cooperation between villages and as a liaison with other competent parties for forum development. It was also stipulated that the management of the Presidium of FORKOM Desa Provinsi NTT is 3 years with the address of the secretariat while at the TLM Foundation Head Office Jl. Ahmad Yani no. 43 Oeba-Kupang. The FORKOM Presidium of NTT Provincial Villages is elected, will hold a follow-up meeting in June to complement the completeness of the organization as well as to prepare an activity plan and socialization.

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