Disability Advocacy

In the world today, one in seven people has a disability. A majority of these people live in developing countries, like Indonesia. People with disabilities face discrimination when searching for work, education and housing. The TLM Foundation aims to empower people with disabilities by providing them with microloans to purchase equipment and connecting them to internships with local businesses.


People with disabilities in NTT are still regarded as a community to be pitied and protected. As such they do not have the opportunity to develop themselves with skills to be more independent socially and economically.

Based on these conditions, TLM established a disability program in the form of workshops, internships, skills training and providing business capital loans.

The goal of the program is to assist people with disabilities to become more independent and develop skills; start businesses that can improve their lives and also encourage them having an equal relationship with everyone.

Disability Program is now only implemented in Kupang city and Kupang districts. Since 2014, a disability assistance program has been implemented with skills training, work internships, workshops and business capital loans.

In three (3) years of implementation, the program has served 91 people with disabilities. This program is aimed at developing the independence of people with disabilities, especially economic independence so that training and internship programs are provided so that they can create their own businesses that generate income to fulfill their basic needs. TLM help them by provides training and internships in service businesses such as beauty salon, sewing and other services.

When people with disabilities already have the skills and start a business then TLMF provides business capital loans with low interest.