Microfinance is the process of giving loans to low-income people who otherwise would not have access to financial services. The TLM Foundation administers microloans to people in poverty in East Nusa Tenggara. This means that we find individuals or groups who would benefit from receiving a loan, explain the terms of the loan and then provide them with the funds. The money for these loans comes from third-party organisations such as Kiva.


Microfinance Profile: Agape

The Agape Group consists of four women and is represented by Aksamina. Aksamina dreamed of expanding her cake making business, but to achieve this, she required money to buy additional ingredients.

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Microfinance Profile: Amora

Yosina, a 45-year-old farmer, sought TLM's help to obtain a loan. Yosina wanted to buy piglets, fatten them over a nine month period and then sell them for an increased price. After hearing about TLM's microfinance program through a friend, Yosina and her friends formed the Amora group and requested a loan for 2,000,000 IDR.

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