Water Infrastructure

In rural Nusa Tenggara Timor, access to water is a major issue. In many of TLM's villages, people must walk for many hours each day to collect water from natural sources, such as springs and rivers. This water is often unclean and can harbour disease. The TLM Foundation has a number of projects that aim to improve clean water infrastructure and improve the lives of people in the village.


Transforming Barren Kiubaat into ‘Paradise’

The atmosphere in GMIT Oeupun Secondary School, Sub-district of South Amanuban, Regency of South Central Timor, on Thursday (16/11/2017) in the daylight was different from usual. The school “dressed up” so well. At 11.00 of ICT, the sound of Natoni floated in the air. The voice of traditional figures loudly voiced, one after another. The students had their own way, dancing joyfully. They did not care about the heat of the sun. Around 200 students, their parents and teachers came together to ...

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