Young People and Students of Kiubaat involved in The Rehabilitation of Weir and Hydram Pump in Oeupun River – Kiubaat Village

15 Jul, 2019

Looked very enthusiastic, 7 youngsters involved in helping Oeupun weir rehabilitation in sub-village 01, Kiubaat village, South Amanuban sub-district, Southeast Timor Regency for two days on Wednesday and Thursday of last week

Aside from the reason that they are united as a one big family of TLM Foundation assisted village, Kuiltit group that has always been depending on weir water for their garden also realize that the sustainability of productive garden program is a part of village young people as next generation and as people in charge for Kiubaat village, especially Oeupun sub-village development.

The reason behind the rehabilitation of the weir is because the weir that has been built by TLM Foundation since 2016 was damaged by flood occurred in January and February 2019.

The weir was built to create enough elevation for hydram (hydraulic ram) installation to pump water from river near Kuiltit productive garden location.

“this weir is very important for our assisted farmers and students because it should be in good condition in order to pump water from river to garden and school. If it is damaged, people cannot water their plant.” Explained Defrid Banu, TLM Foundation Agriculture Facilitator who were involved in the work.

He also told that the rehabilitation project started from collecting river stones and sand in weir, putting the stones into gabion, repairing weir wall using cement mix and fixing pipeline that connect the weir to water tanks in school location (Primary and Junior High School) and productive garden.

In their spare time, the facilitator and TLM water staff who assisted the project tried to persuade young people in the village to get involved in productive garden routine activity in the future.

“I persuade them (young people) to join us by forming young farmer group and we from TLM Foundation will help by providing technical assistance so they can start to work and develop this village.“ Said Defrid.

Defrid also mentioned that 1 of 7 young men who were voluntarily helped rehabilitating the weir was a disable man.

The man who refused to mention his name was very industrious and persevering when collecting and carrying river stone using plastic sack as seen in the picture above.

Beside the man, students of Kiubaat Junior High School and fifth and sixth grade students of Oeupun GMIT Elementary Public School, assisted by some teacher were also involved in the project as they are the beneficiaries of TLM Foundation Clean Water Project.

Everyone who were involved looked so excited collecting stone around weir location as a part of their participation and hydram pump installation maintenance from river to Elementary and Junior High School location.

“the students are so happy to help because they have to take water using jerrycan for bathroom, hand-washing, and watering plants in school yard when hydram pump is damaged,” said Gustaf Dominggus Siki, Principle of Kiubaat Public Junior High School.

He also hopes that the rehabilitation project will finish soon and when the water can finally irrigate normally, TLM Foundation facilitator can help in organizing water distribution so It can be fairly distributed whether for productive garden or the schools.

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