The Assistance of TLM-GMIT Foundation in Assisting People With Disability In Kupang City

By jerrybrand,
  • Identifying Skills & Interests of PWD
  • Providing PWD training through Internship

Tanaoba Lais Manekat Foundation, YTLM GMIT, is a community development and empowerment institution ensconced under GMIT Synod, work and serve society in several aspects such as enhancement of congregation’s economy, education,  training and other social activities to increase congregation and society’s welfare to escape from poverty.

One of the top programs YTLM is PWD (People with Disability) Assistance. This program is created as a form of support from TLM Foundation for people with disability in Kupang and surrounding areas because TLM Foundation notices that no related organization or institution that is intensively concerned about PWD before.

There is no adequate access or facility for PWD to run their activity the way general public do and they often get ostracized by society and they do not have same opportunity in working with non disabled people and often times being pitied.

Noticing this issue, TLM Foundation as a society empowerment institution feel like they called into social community to change the paradigm about PWD by empowering and giving them chance to develop themselves just like other general public.

Since 2014, TLM Foundation placed Christin Malle, one of transformation and training division staffs to find, collect PWS in Kupang and give them training through workshop and FGD (Focused Group Discussion). By the workshop ad FGD, Christin Malle and team successfully gathered 104 PWD.  The team then gave the PWD motivational materials and identified their interest and skill.

 “We picked them up and gathered them in TLM every 3 month (4 times in a year), we trained them with motivational materials through workshop and FGD like Confidence, Mutual Respect in social life, work and independency, business management/financial management. After that, we grouped them according to their interest and talent and give them opportunity of internship. Until now, TLM Foundation has successfully served 47 PWD who received In Kind Aid (equipment and material), 36 PWD has received access of business capital modal with 0,5%  of interest per month, 1 PWD has interest in sewing, 38 PWD are interested in crafting, 3 PWD are jewelry craftsmen, 10 PWD have interest in business management, 3 PWD have enthusiasm in graphic design and 8 are interested in English. In fact, they can learn so fast” explained Christine.

Furthermore, Christine explained that the PWD is trained for 2-3 internship program and if they are assessed as quite good to start a business, TLM Foundation with its In Kind program (equipment and material support) as appurtenance to establish their business independently. Aside from that, TLM Foundation also gives them business capital loan access. All of these things are inclusion in serving society generally for equalization, especially for PWD without any distinction of their social status.

Cheerful Smile of FGD Participant after receiving Motivation and Confidence Material

Christin hopes that with this PWD assistance, PWD can take this opportunity, cooperate with TLM to develop their, be confidence and to start a business independently, to have decent life so they can change the paradigm in of society about PWD.

During the PWD assistance in Kupang, Christin explained that there as some issues faced by PWD, especially visually impaired people who usually work as door to door massage therapist or peddlers. It is so sad that the income is imbalance with transport fee that they spend to get to costumers’ house.

“They earn about Rp. 50.000 to Rp 75.000 for each costumer, while their expense for transportation is Rp 60.000, depend on the distance. Other than that, they have to travel around everyday for selling their products,” Added Christin.

Looking at the above issue, TLM Foundation is planning to establish an organization as People With Disability’s Activity Center, like Rumah Sehat (Healthy Home) for traditional massage parlor and products display for craft they produce. One of PWD who is a member of TLM FGD group, Margarita Poke, admits that she is so happy to join TLM, she get motivation, she can share her experience with other PWD and she get enough training and business capital so she can have her own business now  “I run cake and cookies business but I did not have enough capital so I could not produce them massively. Praise the Lord, after joining TLM, I received loan to buy ingredients. Now I can produce much more than before”. Said Margarita.