TLM Foundation GMIT Spreads Its Service “Wings”to Flores

By jerrybrand,
  • Partnering With PMD (Department of Community and Village Development) of Ende Region, Delivered Training for More than 70 Head Villages

  • Forming FORKOMDES (Village Communication Forum) in Ende

Within this last two years, Yayasan Tanaoba Lais Manekat GMIT (YTLM GMIT) has assisted and trained village officials and community to improve their capacity in implementing village law Number 6 Year 2014 and village fund management.

TLM Foundation focuses more on village fund that keeps increasing each year that opens the chance for fraud to increase that can lead village heads into jail.

TLM Foundation’s program covers planning, implementation and supervision of village fund so that by a good understanding on work system stipulated by law will automatically minimize the opportunity of fraud that has been going on.

TLM Foundation has successfully facilitated the forming of Village Communication Forum at provincial and regional level in 4 regencies that are TTS (South Central Timor), Kupang, East Sumba and Rote Ndao in 2016 and 2017

In this 2018, TLM Foundation intends to expand its service area to Flores Island. After a quick survey in Manggarai and Ende Regency, TLM with FORKOMDES Provincial level decided to start this program in Ende.

The good intention of TLM Foundation finally got a chance in 30 and 31 July 2017 when the intention was respectfully accepted by regional government of Ende regency through Department of Village and Community Development, cooperated with TLM Foundation to conduct training and socialization on village law number 6 Year 2016 on village and at the same time forming FORKOMDES regency level in Ende.

The training, socialization and forming that conducted for 2 days in Wisma Emaus Hall in Ende town was attended by Ende Regional Government from Department of Village and Community Development, more than 70 village heads who represented each sub-district, 2 village experts, representatives of TLM Foundation, Regional Representative Board Member who at the same time is one of TLM founder members, Ir. Abraham Paul Liyanto, NTT Province Regional House of Representative (DPRD) Chief; Mr. Anwar Pua Geno, SH and several governmental officials.

“Village fund keep increasing year by year. In 2018, even from APBN (State Budget), government allocated no less than 80 trillion and it will increase to 120 trillion in upcoming year. From the great fund, the opportunity for fraud to happen is huge. From about 72 thousand villages in Indonesia, 900 village heads had found committed fraud and put in jail for wrongly used of village fund. So as a social and community empowerment organization, TLM Foundation does not want it to happen to our friends” Said Mr. Rozali as CEO of TLM Foundation in his opening speech. 

Moreover, he stated that there are alreadt 366 village heads of 4 regencies who had joined this forum. He also hoped that the same forum can be formed in Ende with more than 120 village head so that there will be an organization to learn and exchange information among village heads about village establishment.

The training and discussion was officially opened by Head of Village and Community Empowerment Department Head, Mr. Yohanis Nislaka, as a representative of Ende Regent.

In his speech, he thanked TLM Foundation for its good intention to help government in delivering edification for village heads about existing financial/village fund management.

“The training initiated by TLM Foundation is a concern we should appreciate and be grateful. This is helpful for village government, especially our regency, Ende. Especially the socialization about enactment of Permendagri (Regulation of Ministry of Home Affair) Number 20 Year 2017 so that presented village head can understand well then apply it well too. Said Mr. Yohanis Nislaka

TLM Foundation also presented Kebumen FORMATION Presidium Board, Mr. Yusuf Murtiono as a spokesperson in the training.

At the end of the training, the participants and TLM Foundation agreed to form FORKOMDES in Ende Regency level and elected board members will be inaugurated together with FORKOMDES board from 4 regencies in upcoming September.