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Anastasia is a mother of 4 children. In order to meet family daily needs and education for her children, she is running a business of selling cakes, located near her house while her husband – Lambertus (51) is working as a newspaper deliveryman and bricklayer.

Anastasia and husband have been involved in the TLM Foundation Education Program since 2014. At the moment she is in the fifth cycle of education program as of IDR 5,000,000. The total loan that has been obtained for fifth cycle was amounting to IDR 21,000,000.

The loan has been used to finance her children education in College. Her son, Aprianus (21) has completed his course in one of Private University at Kupang and now he is looking for a job while Zakharias (19) is in the first year at college.

In addition to the loan, Anastasia also got knowledge through the training provided by TLM Foundation such as Human Trafficking and the Importance of Education for Children.

Anastasia is grateful for the existence of Education Program provided by TLM Foundation. With this program, Anastasia and her husband’s dreams comes true in providing the best education for their children.


Margaritha (62) was born with physically disabled, she walks with the help of her hands. Nevertheless, Margaritha has spirit to work and doing her daily activities. Margaritha has received business capital loan for second cycle with the total amounting to IDR 5,000,000.

Margaritha Dano is a person with disabilities

Prior joined in the TLMF Disability Program, Margaritha had a kiosk business selling daily needs. Beside many competitions around her business place, Margaritha also did not have enough capital to fulfill her business with various products. Margaritha then decided to change her business with raising pigs.

Margaritha was grateful her plan to raise pigs came true when a TLM Foundation staff gave socialization on the Disability Program to her and other people with disability. With the business, Margaritha now is able to generate income from her own business. Margaritha can help her husband, Barnabas (49) who is working as a motorcycle taxi driver.

Margaritha is also assisted by her son, Gomez (25) in feeding and cleaning the cage. Margaritha acknowledge this business is more profitable compared to kiosk business. Margaritha has managed to sell 6 piglets with varying price as of IDR 800,000 to 1,000,000. At the moment, she still has one sow and 3 piglets.

In addition, Margaritha also got an opportunity involve in Focus Group Discussion implemented in one of church. In discussion, they got knowledge on how to improve their self confidence, motivation themselves and lice in community.

Margaritha was grateful for TLM Foundation still give an opportunity for people like Margaritha to live independently.

Pigs that are kept by Margaritha Dano

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