TLM Foundation Empowers Persons with Blindness

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Dozens of blind people have been provided with massege technique and Shi-Atsu in Massage Training Program of TLM GMIT Foundation “Rumah Sehat/House of Health) since 2-8 May 2019 in TLMF Hall, Kupang. This training was conducted based on collaboration of TLM GMIT Foundation and NTT Province Social Department

There are four instructors from NTT Province Social Department who will train the blind people, in this case, UPT Kesejahteraan Sosial Tuna Netra dan Karya Wanita (literally translated as Social Task Implementation Unit of Blinds’ and Women’s creation)

CEO of TLMF, Rozali Hussein said that TLM has been consistent for the past 4 years in helping people with disability (PWD).

“House of Health” Program is one of the ways to help the blinds who work as masseurs. According to him, blind people in Kupang tend to be discriminated among community and they do not have decent income from their profession. That is why, Rozali continued; TLM GMIT Foundation wants to increase their skill and income by providing a place or centre for PWD.

The House of Health was built in the area of TLM GMIT Foundation Kupang

“We call it TLM House of Health where the blind can practice professional massage, reflexology and shiatsu using watch system, uniform, and good quality massage oil so the low stigma about PWD will change their income can increase . Rozali also explained that the place is equipped with AC, message bed et cetera to make costumers become comfortable in receiving service.

We also provide training to improve their skill because message is now a life-style. In the past, people need message when they have sprain but now it is a life style to experience reflexology and so on. “

Aside from that, The House of Health will also be a place to promote and sell product made by the blinds. Previously, TLMF have trained them so now their skills are renewing to be more professional.

“We are planning to open the House of health after this training, third week of this May, it will be ready, whether facilities and infrastructures.” He hopes that with this program, The PWD can improve their income and have their own business brand in this service sector business.

“blind people can do professional massage so maybe in the future they can open the their own massage parlors.” Said Rozali

Rozali explained that TLMF often provide other assistances for other PWD like beauty salon training, sewing training and so on.

“We provide them free training every year without any charge. He hopes that Mayor Government of Kupang can help in promoting; for example there are more than 100 staff who work everyday and there are also many offices around TLM Group office area which we hope can become very effective as seen from term of market,” explained Rozali.

Meanwhile, Social Welfare Tuna Netra (Blind People) Hit Bia Head Section of NTT Province, Aspenas Tomasui gave his appreciation for TLM GMIT Foundation . According to him, in accordance with mandate of Regulation Number 8 2016 on Disability, to provide opportunity for every element whether government, private, and community to create and facilitate PWD.

“we see that TLMF has a good care providing facility and infrastructures for our children (PWD) to be trained to improve their internal capacity so they are ready to join society” he said.

Aspenas explained that Social Welfare Department welcome this well-established cooperation. “ we think that this collaboration is a good thing. We realize that all this action should be well-prepared so that public will not see PWD as marginalized and discriminated group and also they could be accepted as normal group,” explained Aspenas.

Aspenas also instructed the blind to be serious in the training so they will be able to give their best service and bring satisfaction for costumers.

“do not let people only come for once. The knowledge you have received should be well-applied,” he said.

He also said that this “House of Health” could be a type of cooperation to establish a more prosperous society.

(Source: Pos Kupang. 3 May 2019, pg 12)

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Former Woman Labor found a permanent job in the village through gardening

By jerrybrand,

Heny Yulia Anabokay (42) is an ex Indonesian female labor in Malaysia for more than 5 years. Heny went to Malaysia since she was a teenager. After she came home, she married to Nikolas Nguru, a paddy field farmer 5 years ago and blessed with one child. His name is Yardy (4).

With her family, Heny decided to live in Kolobolon Village, Rote Ndao district, East Nusa Tenggara. Prior joined in TLM Foundation Productive Garden Program, Heny helped her husband to manage their paddy field and from the annual crops, they sold rice to fulfill their daily needs.

But besides the harvest was only once a year, sometimes their paddy fields had crop failure. Heny then decided to join TLM productive garden program.

Heny is grateful that since more than a year she attended TLM Foundation productive garden program, she got a lot of lessons through training and assistance how to grow various kinds of vegetables, beans, onions, cucumber and specially dragon fruits.

From gardening, Heny is now able to generate income IDR.1.500.000,- from selling dragon fruits. Heny could help her husband, Nikolas to install electricity in their home that had no electricity before.

In addition, since Heny grew vegetables by herself, she could save money because she doesn’t need to buy vegetable like she used to do. Heny also doesn’t need to go labor overseas because she already has a permanent income source in the village.

Heny is thanking TLM Foundation for providing this opportunity for people like her to live independently in the village.

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