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To succeed the inauguration of FORKOMDES (Village Communication Forum) Board with the concept of Village Economy Development through Village-owned entership, TLM Foundation held an audience with Vice Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigratio n, Budi Arie Setia in Kalibata Office, last week on Tuesday (3/3/2020).

The audience was planned by TLM Foundation as one of its annual business plans, that is community development social program through assisted village, village law training and FORKOMDES.

Rozali Hussein, CEO of TLM Foundation mention that the audience resulted in there is support from Mr. Wamen Budi for the plan which carry the concept of village economy development through BumDesa.

“We (TLM), offere BumDesa (village-owned enterprise) development concept by creating Join BumDesa in scale of municipality or region, and he welcomes the concept and supports it,” said Rozali.

Rozali further explained the objective of joint BUMdesa which would engaged in providing basic need for village community and slowly will become distribution center of local products to other regions.

Ir. Abraham Paul Liyanto who, TLM Foundation was present in the audience, asked governments, in this case, Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration, to help in facilitating link and match between BUMDesa and the entrepreneurs to create compatibility and harmony between BUMDes work and entr epreneurs’ need.

“We hope that government, in this case; District Head, Regent, Governor and Vice Ministry of Village Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration can change trade market in regional level to activate BUMDesa. We can do it by cooperating with giant companies such Alfamart, Transmart, Indomart, Lippo and others big companies because this type of cooperation never happen before,” explain The Senator from NTT.

Vice Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration,, Budi Arie Setiadi gladly welcomed TLM Foundation’s presentation in the meeting.

“Ideally, BUMDes becomes village distribution and trade centre,” said Mr. Wamen Budi Arie

Wamen added that BUMDes should develop, not just by opening a shop and making tourism village but also become village economy distribution centre. According to Mr. Budi, paradigm of BUMDes should be changed to BUMDes will not be managed carelessly.

“Paradigm related to BUMDes has to change, BUMDes is not a loss program, we need to consider it as investment program. So villages have to provide equity capital for BUMDes instead of lose money,” he added.

Wamen Budi also explained the importance of young people in managing BUMDes and village development.

“villages with more young people is different from those with less young people. If a village has many youngster, it will have a better development. Also, BUMDes management can be more creative and innovative as seen from its marketing and packaging, because it is managed by young people,” explained Mr. Wamen Budi

CEO of TLM Foundation, Rozali Hussein, NTT Regional Representative Board Senator, Mr. Abraham Paul Liyanto who are also TLM Foundation Governing Board Chief and Ferdy Frans, TLM Foundation Transformation Division Head were present in the meeting.

At the occasion, TLM Foundation formally invite Minister of Village Disadvantaged Region and Transmigration functionaries to attend the FORKOMDES Governing Body Inauguration

Wamen Budi is willing to attend and invite entrepreneur parties such Alfamart, BRI dan Indomart as spokesperson.

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