By jerrybrand,

22 housewives in Benlutu village, Batu Putih district, TTS received training of processing ginger into ginger powder drink.

The training was conducted in 4 days (6-10/7/2020) in Benlutu village office hall and it was facilitated by TLM Foundation as Benlutus village’s partner in community development program, particularly home industry skill training. This information stated by TLM Foundation training staf, Fera Huwae who were facilitator and trainer of the training.

Fera also informed that the training covered material presentation to ginger processing practice. The 22 housewives were enthusiast in following the training presented by Fera.

“The housewives were happy. The formed 2 business group right after the training and we are glad that they have produced ginger powder with their own capital. Also, they have sold the ginger powder and there are many people interested to buy, made it sold out in a minute.” explained Fera.

She also explained the purpose of the training that is aside from deliver knowledge and additional skill for woman in village so they can run business, also to improve selling value of village local commodity in post-harvest period.

Attending the training, Batu Putih head district, Dr. Agustinus F. N. Malo appreciated TLM Foundation who had provided effective and right on target assistance for villages in his area, especially Benlutu.

“TLM Foundation is a very good partner. It it has been proved by the progress of BUMDES Talenta in Benlutu. So we as government of Batu PUtih district, especially Benlutu village should be grateful to have TLM Foundation as our partner.” said Malo in his welcome speech.

Malo also appealed all the participants to be active in using opportunity to learn so that after the training, they can produce qualified and competitive local product in the market.

Furthermore, Malo hope that the training could be early motivation for women in Benlutu to plant ginger in their yard and then process it into ginger powder to support independent village in food security planning in facing Covid -19 pandemic.

One of the training participants, Financia Aby who were interviewed via call said that this type of home industry training is the first for their village, making her so thankful to be able to learn new useful thing to improve her family’s income by utilizing local commodity.

“this is the first time for us but we already see the result! After last week training, we produced 46 packages from 5 kilograms ginger and we sold Rp. 30.000 for each and we can see that it is so profitable” explained woman who familiarly called Esy

Esy also hopes that government of Benlutu and TLM Foundation could help them to process license for home industry product so that their label and copyright could be patented and their product can be widely accepted by market.

“many people are interested in our product, especially during the pandemic, ginger powder drink is good to improve body immune. But, we have not have the production license so we hope village government and TLM Foundation can help us.

The training was held on Cooperation between TLM Foundation, Batu Putih district government, Benlutu village government and the help of Village Security Body such BABINKANTIPMAS/POLMAS in order to control health protocol during covid -19 pandemic.

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