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Tanaoba Lais Manekat Foundation (YTLM-GMIT), provided training and assistance in producing onion chili sauce to Ndula Luri Home Industry group in Kadumbul Village, Pandawai Sub-district, East Sumba District – NTT in the middle of November 2020.

“Ndula Luri” Home Industry group which in local language of East Sumba means “Supporting Life” that consists of 8 women from 7 families.

Naomi Mauhongga, the leader of Ndula Luri Home Industry Group”, explained to editor of, since the beginning of November 2020, Naomi with 7 members agreed with an Agriculture Facilitator of TLM Foundation who is placed in the village to manage harvest of chilies and onions become a homey product with economic value.

“We are farmers of onion, chilies and salt in Kadumbul Village, so in the harvest season we were overwhelmed to sell the harvest so sometime it is damaged because even though the harvest were large but it less buyer” Naomi Explained.

Furthermore, Naomi stated that, the price of chilies harvest for now is around IDR 20,000 to IDR. 30,000/ kg, garlic and onion also have high price because not all farmers have harvested yet. However, during harvest season, the price drops to IDR. 10,000/kg so they are really need this training to avoid from drop price of their harvest.

On this occasion, Maria Hepe Mangi, the treasurer of Ndula Luri group when asked about the sales results of the Onion chili sauce product, stated that during two weeks since the first day of produce on November 18-28, 2020, her group had already produced 5 times onion chili sauce which produced 172 bottles of onion chili sauce (200gr).

We have only produced 6 times, so there are 300 bottles of onion chili sauce that we have produced and we sold them at a price of Rp. 20,000 per bottle in Kadumbul Village, we send some to Melolo, Waingapu, Lewa, West Sumba and Kupang as well. Praise the Lord our income in less than three weeks has earned Rp. 6,000,000, – “Proudly Maria said.

In a separate place, Leany Adu, a Home Industry trainer at the Transformation Division of the TLM Foundation, when confirmed about the training, stated that the training aims to increase the economic value of the harvest of farmers in the assisted village of the TLM Foundation by utilizing local potential in the village so that it can improve standard of living of the community.

“Besides increasing the selling value of the crops, we (YTLM_red) also equiped them with additional skills such as how to operate production tools which may be new for them in the village because after this training we equip the group with production support tools such as; Blenders, plastic wrapping machines, meat grinders, bottles, stoves, onions chopper and other supporting furniture, ”said Leany.

Co-pastor of the Sumba Christian Church, GKS Maujawa, East Sumba, Paulina Lende. S.Th, who serves in the Kadumbul area was interested and took part in every training process up to the production of the onion chili sauce, admitting that she was surprised by this training where the instant food product that she usually find in supermarket or shops can be produced at home.

“I have only been serving at GKS Maujawa for a few months and I am very happy that this kind of training is available here. It will be a new experience for me when I lead the congregation someday. On behalf of our fellow members, we would like to thank TLM for this program!” concluded Co-pastor Paulina. * red_http: //

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