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Benlutu Village is one of TLM Foundation Assisted Villages in TTS Regency since 2018, in empowering Benlutu village community through Village Law Implementation program, Village-owned enterprises assistance, home industry training and productive garden groups establishment.

This was conveyed by the Head of the Transformation Division of the TLM Foundation, Ferdy Frans when delivering his speech representing the Executive Director of TLM Foundation in the training of making Organic Liquid Fertilizer (PCO) and distributing 1.000 horticultural plant seedlings for 100 households in Benlutu Village, Batu Putih sub-district, TTS Regency recently.

He said, in 2021, in order to increase the effectiveness of the productive garden program during the Covid-19 pandemic and in response to the increasing cases of stunting and malnutrition in TTS Regency, TLM Foundation provided training in horticultural cultivation, assisting people of Benlutu Village to make use of their yards into productive gardens planted with horticultural plants which in the future can be a source of nutritional fulfillment for the family, even for the people of Benlutu village and neighbors.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has been difficult, including meeting the nutritional needs of the family. For that, we are trying to provide a stimulus by providing training and distributing saplings so that they can be cultivated in a small scale but helpful. Besides not being difficult to care for, people can use the remaining water from the house for watering because they are planted in polybags in the yard as decorative plants,” explained Ferdi.

Furthermore, He stated that TLM Foundation held training activities in making Organic Liquid Fertilizer (PCO) for Benlutu community to increase their knowledge in caring for the plants that had been distributed to them. The training topic of making POC was chosen because POC materials are easily obtained from household waste, such as; food scraps, so that people do not have to spend money on fertilizer. In addition, POC is safer for plants than chemical fertilizers.

The training was held in two days where the first day of training was held at Benlutu Village Hall and the second day was held in Hamlet C, Benlutu village with 71 participants, trained by Defrid Banu, one of TLM Foundation agricultural staff and also attended by Head of Batu Putih Subdistrict, Drs. Agustinus F. N. Mallo, Head of Benlutu village, Obed Fallo and TLM Foundation Executive Director, Rozali and several staffs of the TLM Foundation’s agricultural program. Since this activity involved many people, Ferdy emphasized that they must keep implementing health protocols in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

On this occasion, the Head of Batu Putih District, Drs. Agustinus FN Mallo when opening the activity as well as handing over seedlings symbolically, in his speech gave his appreciation to the TLM Foundation for helping the Batu Putih sub-district government in various community empowerment programs in recent years so that one of the villages in his territory, Benlutu Village, has now become a Model Village in BumDesa development program.

“On behalf of the government, I thank TLM Foundation for helping us a lot and we obtain a lot of benefits of this assistance and cooperation. The Bumdesa of Benlutu Village is now the number one Bumdes in TTS regency so that other villages come to learn from us, and this is a pride for us, ”said Mallo.

Responded to the POC training activities and the distribution of seedlings, to the community of Benlutu Mallo emphasized that the distribution of 10 plant seedlings (eggplants, chilies, betel, ginger and tomato), two seedlings for each plant as an example and only a stimulus, for that he expects that the community could respond well by planting more around their house yards so that the 100 beneficiary households would become examples for other households in Benlutu village.

One of the training participants and recipients of horticultural plant seedlings from hamlet C, Yomina Boimau, admitted that she had never received this kind of training.

“I had never attended a POC making training before. So I bought fertilizer from the shop even if I have money, so if I get training like this I am very happy because I don’t have to go to buy fertilizer anymore, now I can make it by myself. In addition to theseedlings I’ve got from TLM, I will plant more so that the children and I can eat more types of vegetables because sometimes we only eat rice, no side dishes. Surely my children will be happy. ” admitted Yomina.

Similar admission was conveyed by Yohanis Eko, one of the other families who received seedlings when met by during the monitoring, stated that by the knowledge he got and the seedlings he received, he and his wife were motivated to plant around their house, considering their land for gardening is far and difficult to reach at their old ages.

“This is very good sir, my wife and I are happy because it can encourage us to plant in the yard. Even though it is only a few, it helps us a lot, so my wife and I wanted to plant more when the corn harvest is over”. He said. *Ona

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