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For 3 days, from Friday (2/4/2021) to Sunday (4/4/2021), most of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) hit by Seroja tropical cyclone

Extreme heavy rain with speed reaching 65km/h caused flash flood and landslide, resulting in casualties, material losses and even traumatic experience and grief for most of people in NTT who are affected by the disaster.

The peak of the Seroja tropical cyclone occurred on April 5, 2021 midnight which then hit all areas in NTT which caused even more severe damage to infrastructure. Lots of people took refuge in safe buildings such as churches and big buildings. Currently, the temporary number of casualties has reached 68 people, 70 people were missing, 15 people injured, 3,723 people were displaced.

There are 12 regencies in NTT hit by the storm, they are : City of Kupang, Kupang regency, East Flores regency, Malaka regency, Lembata regency, Ngada regency, Alor regency, East Sumba regency, Rote Ndao regency, Sabu Raijua regency, Southeast Timor regency and Ende regency.

Those areas affected by the storm are included in the service are of TLM Foundation and GMIT (Christian Evangelical Church in Timor) such City of Kupang, regency of Kupang, Southeast Timor, Rote Ndao, Alor, East Sumba and Ende.

As a community empowerment organization that serves in NTT, TLM GMIT Foundation sympathizes with all victims and ready to be a Partner Organization for distribution of Aid for community affected by the disaster

Prayer and Support from all Donor Agencies, individual or sympathizers for people of NTT are needed for Recovery of NTT Province.

To donate :
TLM Foundation Emergency Respond Team
Account holder : Yayasan TLM
Bank : Artha Graha, Kupang Branch
Account Number: 1079551615
Swift Code : ARTGIDJA

Documentation of the impact of the disaster :

Kupang Regency

Sabu Raijua Regency

Rote Ndao Regency

Alor Regency

Flores Timur Regency


NTT Seroja Disaster Affected Data

No Location Impacted Victim Infrastructure Damage 
1 Kupang City 743 households/2.190 people >1 died  >10 hospitals are damaged  >657 houses are affected 
2 Kupang Regency >3 died
3 East Flores Regency 218 households >67 died >54 are injured >6 are missing >1361 IDPs >82  houses are severely damaged >34   houses are slightly damaged > 97  houses affected  >8 units of public facilities are severely damaged  
4 Malaka Regency >3 died >± 3.000 IDPs >1.154 houses are affected >65 units of public facilites are damaged
5  Lembata Regency >32 died >35 are missing >48 are injured >958 IDPs >224 houses are severely damaged >15 houses are moderately damaged >15 bridges are severely damaged, cut off access to several villages
6 Ngada Regency 6 households >1 is injured >19 houses are severely damaged >48 houses are moderately damaged >1 unit of public facility is severely damaged >5 units of public facility are affected
7 West Sumba Regency 63 households/284 people >54 houses are affected 
8 Sumba Tengah Regency   >21 houses are affected >2 public and social facilities are affected 
9 Sumba Timur Regency ±109 households/475 affected victims >1.803 households/7.212 people >7 public facilities are affected 
10  Ende Regency 346 affected households >1 died  >17 houses are severly damaged  >18 houses are moderately damaged >45 houses are slightly damaged >5 units of public and social facility are affected 
11 Rote Ndao Regency 133 households /572 IDPs >141 houses are damaged (12 houses are severely damaged
12 Sabu Raijua Regency 2 died  
13 Alor  Regency  households / 18  people >21 died >25 are injured >24  IDPs >179 houses are heavely damaged >180 houses are demorately damaged >5 public facilities are affected
14 Belu  Regency 167 households >>157 kk/525 IDPs >5 houses are severely damaged
15  TTU Regency 450 households /1800 people >150 houses are severely damaged 
16 TTS Regency 1235 households/4448 impacted victim >325 house are damaged

Data on YTLM Assisted Villages Affected by the Seroja Cylcon

No Assisted Village Impact of Disaster  Infrastructure Damage
1 Lelogama  19 IDPs : 4 male adult 4 female adult 6 boys 5 girls >4 houses are  severely damaged d d >5 houses are slightly damaged d >village road is slightly damaged d d >village brige is slightly damaged d >irigation channel is slightly damaged d >agriculture area is slightly damaged  >village market is slightly damaged >clean water source is slightly damaged >no access of electricity, telecommunication and public transportation

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