Participated in the Celebration of the Nineth Anniversary of Village Law No. 6 of 2014 in Rote Ndao, TLM Foundation Showcased the Products of Its Village Assistance Program

By Ona Tasoin,

In order to commemorate the 9th anniversary of Village Law No. 6 of 2014, the Ministry of Village Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (KEMENDES PDTT) chose Rote Ndao Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province as a celebration location, as well as a speech by the Minister Dr (H.C), Drs. Haji Abdul Halim Iskandar, M.Pd.

The event, which was held for a day at the Ba’a City lighthouse field on Saturday (14/1/2023), began with a working visit from the Ministry of Rural Affairs Gus Halim team to the southeast village of Indonesia, namely Dodaek village, South Rote Subdistrict, leaving footprints as inscriptions at Zero point of the Republic of Indonesia.

In his speech, Gus the Minister stated his reason for choosing Rote Ndao district for the commemoration at the border as a form of gratitude that the village law has facilitated the revival of villages in the periphery of Indonesia.

“The Nine-year-old Village Law has proven to be able to make achievements, fulfill promises, and contribute to the motherland. This is Nawa Warsa (Nine Years in Javanesse_red), the Nine Years of Village Law. Building Indonesia from the border,” said the Minister, who is familiarly called Gus Halim.

Meanwhile, the committee along with the local government, village heads and the community have crowded the location of the celebration which was also enlivened by National singer which is originally from NTT named Marion Jola, and several local artists.   The committee also provides tents for MSME actors both from districts and Indonesian SOEs, Village SOEs, cooperatives, NGOs and private companies to exhibit and sell their products both goods and   services.

Not to forget, TLM Foundation, which has been programmatic in Rote Ndao district, also enlivened the people’s party by exhibiting its empowerment programs in NTT, especially in the district chosen by Gus    the Minister to visit.

On this occasion, the Expert Staff of the Ministry of Rural Affairs for Partnership, Samsul Widodo with several colleagues when visiting the TLM Foundation booth conveyed his impressions when explained about empowerment programs   community run by TLM Foundation in Rote Ndao District.

“Wow , this is very interesting, I took your contact  number,  I will  contact you  later in case there  are things  we need to do together” Samsul said  to the YTLM  Staff after hearing  the explanation.

Rano Adu, one of TLM Foundation staff When visited by the guests explained the Foundation’s work programs that there are approximately 10 community empowerment programs run by TLM, but which are implemented   in Rote Ndao County is just a few of them.

“Our work programs in Rote Ndao such as Productive Gardens in Kolobolon, Lidamanu, Maubesi and Modosinal Villages. There are  Pig  farms in Lidamanu and Maubesi Villages,  Broiler  chicken farms in  Kolobolon,  Lidamanu and  Maubesi villages,  Home Industry training program  for processing organic ginger powder, banana chips,  onion beans, there is sewing training,  barbershop, joint BUMDESA assistance  in  Lobalain district,  Village  Law training and assistance  for 12 villages in  Rote Ndao District also has clean water programs  in several partner villages such as Oebole  Village,  Tolama Village, Oematamboli, Suelain, Lidamanu, Maubesi and Kolobolon.”     Rano explained.

  In addition to the description of the program posted on the banner, the products home industry such as Organic Ginger Powder from  Kolobolon village and  Maubesi village,  balado banana chips from Lidamanu   village, also dragon fruit was displayed and sold at TLM Foundation exhibition booth as a result of the TLM Foundation’s assistance. 

One of the  beneficiaries of the  program  from  Kolobolon village, Loisa Zakaria-Ndun,  whose photo of herself was made into a  background at the  TLM Foundation exhibition booth, said she was happy and grateful that there was assistance from  TLM Foundation.

“I am personally very grateful that since there has been assistance, especially the productive garden of Dragon Fruit in Kolobolon, we know that there must be income every harvest season.  In addition to being accompanied for planting and caring for plants during this time, we are also accompanied for sales, so we really feel the benefits of TLM assistance.”  Loisa said. She is also expressed her gratitude for the TLM Foundation’s attention to their garden group, especially for her family, which is now improving economically.