TLM GMIT Foundation and Department of Agriculture of Alor Regency Harvest Industrial Corn in Kabola Sub-district.

By Ona Tasoin,

Growing industrial corn in the Kabola sub-district is an initiation of Tanaoba Lais Manekat GMIT Foundation (YTLM GMIT) to improve welfare of rural communities by utilizing the potential of unproductive land in the village.

Kopidil is one of 4 assisted villages of TLM GMIT Foundation in Kabola sub-district, Alor Regency where one of its assistance programs is Improving the economy of vulnerable community.  Therefore, since November 2022, TLM GMIT Foundation has been cooperating with Alor Regional Government through its Department of Agriculture to determine 4 locations in Kabola sub-district as location to implement the program.

In Kopidil, 2,5 acre of land has been utilized to grow industrial corn and the program involved 150 farmers of Kopidil.

The planting of industrial corn is implemented in TLM GMIT Foundation’s 2 assisted villages, Lawahing and Pante Deere and 1 urban village, Kabola. It is estimated that the yield from these 4 locations will reach 36 tons this season.

Yusuf Dopong Adora really appreciates TLM GMIT Foundation for initiating and providing assistance for this program from the start.  

 “Representing The Government of Alor Regency and village community, I want to show my gratitude for everything TLM Foundation has done. We are really thankful that TLM makes us realize that nothing is too hard in agriculture world.  So far, the community only grows corn for their daily consumption, so there is no increase in income from the corn harvest. Now the TLM Foundation has become our friend in advancing the world of agriculture, so I am optimistic that if this program continues and is even developed in other locations, the village community will also be more advanced,” said Yustus when opening the harvest event.

The same thing was conveyed by the Head of the Agricultural Extension Center of Kabola sub-district, Nehemia Aleng during the harvest. As an instructor, he hopes that this collaboration will continue for the welfare of farmers in Alor.

At the harvest event, YTLM representative, Ms. Martintje Djungu, head of the TLM Foundation HR division told the community to not to worry about crop yields piling up because YTLM is committed to buying all of the corn harvested from these 4 locations and then processing it into animal feed.

“We are elated to see such a good harvest. We believe that this is all because of the hard work of the farmers in planting and caring for these corn plants which produced quite a good harvest this year. For this reason, ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to worry about where to sell this bounteous harvest, because TLM Foundation is committed to buying all of the existing corn crops. Incidentally, we need corn for animal feed processing.” Martintje also hopes that this will not be the last harvest but will be an encouragement for the farmers so that there will be other bigger and more bounteous harvests in the coming season.