Established in 1994, based on the idea of several church leaders to improve GMIT (Evangelical Christian Church in Timor) congregation economy, GMIT Synod decided to build a foundation named Tanaoba Lais Manekat, taken from Timor language which means “Serving With Love”, with first Board Composition as follows; Mr. Wem Nunuhitu as the Chief, Mr. Marthen Mogila’a as the Secretary, with 4 other members, they were; Mr. Filmon B. Koenunu, Ps. Itja  Frans, Mrs. Suzana Arnoldus-Hermanus and Mrs. Ezy Therik.

Occupying a church-owned building in Soekarno Street Number 14, LLBK, Municipal of Kupang, TLM Foundation started its operation in January 1995 led by Mr. Rozali Husein and one staff, Mrs. Semaya Nalle with a work program to provide capital to congregation to develop their business. At that time, the products were carried in form of soft loan for individual and group. Aside from providing loans, TLM Foundation also gave trainings for clients so they can improve their capability in running their business. As time went by, TLM Foundation grew and became able to recruited more staff and open some branches in several regencies of East Nusa Tenggara.

In God’s favor, TLM Foundation grew increasingly and in 28 January 1996, a Consumer Cooperative was established, named KSU Talenta. The cooperative was led by Mr. Rozali with his two staff and now has grown rapidly and became independent in its management.

In 2008, TLM foundation established a financial institution in form of Rural Bank to serve general public. The Institution is called BPR TLM (TLM Rural Bank). The forming of the rural bank was the follow-up of government regulation that requires legal financial institutions to distribute money to community. TLM Rural Bank began to operate in November 2008 by occupying second floor of TLM building in Ahmad Yani Street Number 43, Oeba, Kupang. TLM Rural bank is led by Mr. Robert Fanggidae and develops well now. It has one branch office in Kupang regency and one cashier office in Naikoten 1, Municipal of Kupang with total number of clients ± 14.764 and the number will continue to increase.

Head Office of BPR TLM, Kupang

In 2011, TLM Foundation established a saving and loan cooperative named TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative (KSP TLM) to expand the service range to all community in East Nusa Tenggara. The cooperative is under the leadership board manager that are, Mrs. Sezly Pah as Main Manager, Mr. Elvys Datty as General and HRD Manager, and Miss Elen Loa as Financial Manager. In its development, TLM saving and loan cooperative has became a National Cooperative and has opened 32 branches in 3 province.  It has 30 branch offices in Timor Island, Sumba Island, Flores Island, Alor Island, Sabu Island and Rote Island. It also has one branch in Palu, Central of Sulawesi Province and one branch in Buleleng, Bali Province. TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative rapidly grows with its featured product, SeSaMa which serves community (especially females), giving loan in group. Until now, The Cooperative has ± 49.478yy; whether it is loan members or saving members and the number will continue grow.

Head Office of KSP TLM, Kupang

In 2014, TLM Foundation established one more Consumer Cooperative called KK TLM to serve the needs of staff and community who need consumer loan. KK TLM also has commerce activity like supermarket pig rising, photocopy, and selling office stationary. This business unit is managed by Mrs. Jokobeth Bire as manager. Until now, TLM Consumer Cooperative has been serving ± 289 total members and the number will keep increasing.

Head Office of KK TLM, Kupang

All this business units  share profits in form of dividend to TLM Foundation to fund foundation operational budget and social service in agriculture field, clean water project, village advocacy, community training, client training, education scholarship, and disability mentoring.