Officials and Community Training on Village Establishment based on 2014 Village Law

12 Dec, 2017

On 2015, Government declared a policy to establish nation from village and it is followed up by the published of Village Law Number 6 Year 2014. Villages are given autonomy to manage the establishment from planning to developing. Every year, Government provide village fund from APBN (Regional Revenues and Expenditures Budget). The management of the budget is the responsibility of village officials and village community. TLM Foundation takes part to improve the capacity of the officials and the community to implement village establishment.

The program is “Officials and Community Training about Village Establishment on the implementation of Village Law Number 6 Year 2014”.


Village Official Mentoring in making RKPDes & RPJMDes

Training of Community Participation in Village Establishment

Village law training for village official and community

Community Training of Village Establishment Plan

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