Productive Garden Water Project Procurement

07 Dec, 2017

The location of productive garden is higher than the location of spring. Therefore, to irrigate the water from spring to the garden, hydram technology is used under a consideration of low operation fund.
Installation steps of Hydram pump project;

  1. Measuring the distance between spring and productive garden.
  2. Measuring the elevation from spring and productive garden
  3. Pump installation, pipe installation and water tanks making.

Hydram pump installation project was started shortly after learning all the steps above. All these process invlolve local community (12 members of productive garden).
This hydram project can fulfill 0,5 acre of productive garden need. Aside from productive garden. TLM foundation also helps an Catholic primary school in Ngarukanoru by irrigate water to its garden .

Dam Making

Students help in collecting materials for dam

Supply tank for hydram project

Hydram pump installation

Making of water tank in productive garden area

Socialization of effectiveness of water using


Bak penampung yang sudah jadi dan siap pakai

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Perawatan Rutin pompa hydrram oleh fasilitator desa

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