Supporting Government to combat Stunting, TLM Foundation holds Launching and Training for Healthy and Disaster Resilient Village Cadres

14 Jun, 2023

TLM Foundation held inauguration and training of healthy, prosperous and disaster-resilient village cadres.

The inauguration and training which took place in Benlutu village, Kayu Putih District, Wednesday, May 3rd 2023 was conducted to combat stunting cases which are still a main issue and need serious concern in TTS regency.

The executive Director of TLM Foundation GMIT on this occasion said that the collaboration between TLM Foundation and Benlutu village for the next 3 years will focus on stunting prevention and disaster countermeasure.

“We have been collaborating with Benlutu village government since couple years ago with programs such economy development, pig rising, productive garden and water infrastructure repairmen. However, for the next 3 years we will focus on current issues. In NTT, number of stunting is high and the highest cases happen in TTS. Disaster countermeasure also become our attention,” explained Rozali.

Regarding the stunting prevention, as explained by Rozali, his team will form cadres.

“Later on, we will educate young mother and pregnant mothers and young girls because the first 1.000 days of birth are really important. When the baby is still in the womb, it is necessary to get attention. Every pregnant mother should take vitamin and blood supplement tablets. For that, this socialization is for the mother and young girls. “, he explained.

Not only for pregnant mothers and young girls, Rozali said that TLM also train the elderly.

“We also provide training for elderly group. Next month we will select 5 technical cadres and then train them to add to existing cadres. The more people understand about health, the better,”  he said.

He said that NTT is also a disaster-prone are, so TLM provides training for cadres related to disaster management.

“for the next 3 years, TLM Foundation will work with village government to pay attention to the two main issues,” he said.

Regarding the programs explained by Rozali, some of the fund comes from Mr. Clinton from Amos Aid Australia.

“Hopefully this program is beneficial for all of us. Today is for health and blood check for pregnant women. We also provide aid packet for pregnant women,” he informed.

Meanwhile, transformation division head of TLM Foundation, Ferdy Frans explained that to launch these two strategies, his team has their own strategy.

“Our strategies are to form new cadres to support existing cadres in village. These cadres will work hard for community. For that, TLM Foundation give support like training for them,” explained Ferdy.

“As for stunting, we have several programs. The first is management of family’s healthy kitchen. Regarding this program, each household is expected to manage their land to grow productive plants that can be consumed daily,” Ferdy explained the program.

”then we will train community in each neighborhood association  for Swarga program (Standby Husband) so later the husband know what to do during pregnancy period of their wife, for example; regular health check and other important action,” he added.

Ferdy also said that TLM support village regulation to pay attention to stunting case.

 “We support village regulation to pay attention to stunting prevention. APB Desa should start to consider making program to increase community health.” explained Ferdy. Regarding disaster prevention, Ferdy and his team will do mapping of prone-disaster area.

“For disaster countermeasure, we will do mapping so the village government can mark the prone area. We will train them (the cadres) technically on first aid, disaster signs making, disaster stimulation, reforestation and waste management” said Ferdy.

“Those activities will be conducted for the next 3 years as of this year to 2025. We already signed the MoU with village government.” He added

For the mentioned program implementation, TLM Foundation will assign 3 staff in every village. Ferdy informed that the same activity will be implemented in Oebobo village on Thursday, May 4th 2023.

“In Oebobo, we will focus on disaster prevention. Tomorrow we will hold training for disaster management team, related to first aid. In this case, if someone get hurt, they will know what to do and other related activity. We chose Oebobo as village target because it is a disaster-prone area.” Ferdy explained.

Benlutu village chief, Obet Fallo, S,Sos in his speech expressed his gratitude to TLM Foundation for paying attention to Benlutu, “We want to express our gratitude for CEO of TLM Foundation who has great concern for people of Benlutu,’ he said.

He explained that the collaboration between TLM Foundation and Benlutu had been established for a long time

“This collaboration of TLM Foundation and Benlutu is not a recent thing; TLM has been assisting Benlutu since 2018. In 2018 TLM were already collaborated with Batu Putih sub-district and with us Benlutu. Benlutu has seen that TLM has helped us in so many aspects including community economy development, BUMDES (village-owned enterprise) and now they help us again for community health,” he explained.

“We also want to thank TLM for the pregnant woman health check today. We are thankful for the intervention in combatting stunting,” he said.

“In 2020, number of stunting in our village is the highest in Batu Putih sub-district. From total 47 stunted children, it had decreased to 18. With the help of TLM and also the village fund intervention, we hope that Benlutu can get out of this stunting problem. That is why we all have to work together,” he said.

“We are greatly helped by the help of TLM. We got milk, eggs and also medicine for pregnant mother. For us, this is a very positive activity. I also had my blood pressure and height checked,” explained Alfrida who is 7 months pregnant.

“The advice from the medical team is that I, as a pregnant mother continue getting myself checked regularly. This is to prevent children from stunting,” she said. “Thank you TLM and Regional Government. This type of activity is so beneficial for us the pregnant mother and the elderly,” said Alfrida.

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