Serving Members and Society’s Consumptive needs

By jerrybrand,

Tanaoba Lais Manekat Consumer Cooperative (KK TLM-GMIT) is a business unit established and developed by TLM-GMIT to provide goods and service need for its members in order to improve the welfare of members’ family and society. The operational of KK TLM GMIT is based on family value, dependability value, responsibility value, democratic value, equality value, justice value, independent value and professionalism value.
KK TLM-GMIT was established on 26 August 2013, located in Ahmad Yani Street Number 43, urban-village of Oeba, sub-district of Kelapa Lima, Municipal of Kupang, Province of East Nusa Tenggara with Number of Act: 151/KEP/M.KUKM/XL/2010.

When being interviewed in her room on the beginning of this business, manager of KK TLM-GMIT, Jokobet Ully Rohi Bire explain that it started as convenient store to serve the need of its members who are staff of TLM Foundation, BPR TLM (TLM Bank) and KSP TLM (TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative). Apart from it, KK TLM also provide Fotocopy service to serve administrative need of TLM Group.

Futhermore, Jokebet or who is usually called Ibu Joke said that TLM Consumer Cooperative which has held two Annual Meeting is established by 22 Founding Member that consist of  TLM –GMIT Foundation Board Members. They are the ones who initiated to establish KK TLM at the same time became initial capital depositors for KK Business for amount of Rp. 50.250.000 as Principle Saving and Mandatory Saving.

In its development, TLM Consumer Cooperative has experienced significant growth, especially the growth of its asset. The total asset until 31 December 2017 is Rp. 7.286.897.729, sourced from Members’ Saving and Soft Loan from TLM Foundation, TLM Bank and TLM Saving and Loan Cooperative. Total of members keeps increasing. They are not only TLM Group staff but also people of Kupang and its surroundings. Until 31 December 2017, total number of active members are 814 people, and it will surely increase.

Business units of KK TLM are TLM Mart, foto copy center,  purchase credit of electronics and transportation, future saving, coffee shop, pig raising (livestock, transportation service (travel and truck). KK TLM also provide building material such sand, sandstone and crushed stone. KK TLM also improve its service by open the  Mart and Coffee shop for 24 hours every day.

KK TLM has created employment for 20 staffs who work every day. This is the contribution of TLM in providing employment to decrease the number of unemployed in NTT.

For the last few years, equity trend has increased by 122%, proving that stability of KK TLM and there is an annual external audit done by public accountant regularly since its establishment with appropriate valuation without exception.

KK TLM always maintain its service quality by paying attention to economy and technology development so it will be able to compete in current global economy competition

Not satisfy with its achievement, Jokobet with her team is planning to open a branch office in 2018, establish a pig livestock, improve goods sale on credit according to 1.207 members’ need. Aside from that, Jokobet also targets to raise the equity to Rp.199.142.688, raise staff salary and cooperate with Independent Auditor to conduct annual audit and also hold 2017 Year Book Annual Meeting before 31 March 2018.

As the leader of KK TL, Joke hopes “to make KK TLM as a cooperative that will keep growing properly by prioritizing quality service, keep innovating in its business to keep members and society’s trust. In the future, this cooperative will be able to expand its service so it can have strategic contribution in helping child education through Education Saving, hire more employee to fight poverty and unemployment and also to be the partner of its members to develop their business in order to increase members and society’s life standard.

While Mr. Rozali, one of KK TLM Founders, when being interviewed in his office stated “we hope that KK TLM can help church and society by engaging in business that provides congregation and village community’s principle need because this is  promising business”. He said.