A Story about Home Renovation Program in Pniel Oebobo Church

By Ona Tasoin,

Yumina Banu (58) a widow. Her former husband was Benyamin Mone Weo (passed away few years ago. She has no children from her husband but they adopted a boy named Sepriyanto Banu (19) a Senior high school since he was 2 years old.

Yumina and her son live in a very small rundown home in Hati Mulia Street-Oebobo, Kupang City. Everyday she works as a laundry woman to her neighbours to fulfil their daily needs especially her son’s school tuition fees.

Their home condition was not good enough to when the Seroja storm attached last year, this caused a huge damage at that time.

Yumina while crying testified that the night the storm came, with her son they could only pray for their safety because their home’s roof gone while it was raining, stormy and flooded outside. Fortunately, a neighbour came and bring them to their home.

She testified that, the first aid for them at that time was from the church that lately she knew that the support was from TLM.

Yumina is grateful that not only food now she is also helped with this home renovation program.

“As a widow I really wanted to thank TLM and the church for helping me to renovate my home, honestly, I cannot afford to buy materials, thank you for providing me walls, cements, nails and iron sheets. May the Lord bless TLM and donors who support us this much” Said Yumina.