A Story about Home Renovation Program in Pniel Oebobo Church

By Ona Tasoin,

Yumina Banu (58) a widow. Her former husband was Benyamin Mone Weo (passed away few years ago. She has no children from her husband but they adopted a boy named Sepriyanto Banu (19) a Senior high school since he was 2 years old.

Yumina and her son live in a very small rundown home in Hati Mulia Street-Oebobo, Kupang City. Everyday she works as a laundry woman to her neighbours to fulfil their daily needs especially her son’s school tuition fees.

Their home condition was not good enough to when the Seroja storm attached last year, this caused a huge damage at that time.

Yumina while crying testified that the night the storm came, with her son they could only pray for their safety because their home’s roof gone while it was raining, stormy and flooded outside. Fortunately, a neighbour came and bring them to their home.

She testified that, the first aid for them at that time was from the church that lately she knew that the support was from TLM.

Yumina is grateful that not only food now she is also helped with this home renovation program.

“As a widow I really wanted to thank TLM and the church for helping me to renovate my home, honestly, I cannot afford to buy materials, thank you for providing me walls, cements, nails and iron sheets. May the Lord bless TLM and donors who support us this much” Said Yumina.

SID (Village Information System) 3.04 Training in Rote Ndao Regency

By jerrybrand,

SID training was conducted by TLM foundation, cooperated with DPMB (Village Community Empowerment Agency) of Rote Ndao Regency. The purpose of this training is to teach the participant from each village in Rote Ndao Regency on how to operate web-based computer application called SID (Village Information System) version 3.04. This training was ran for 3 days from 26-28 of October 2017 in Ti’I Langga Auditorium, Rote Ndao Regency office complex.

First day of Training, 26 October 2017

The first day of training was opened by Ir. Untung, Assistant I of Rote Ndao Regional Government. Accompanied by an official from village community empowerment agency of Rote Ndao, Medi Pello. In his opening speech, Ir. Untung informed the participants about the importance of data for government policy-making. Because of that, Rote Ndao Government is thankful to TLM Foundation for giving training for village heads in Rote Ndao Regency which have 112 villages and they hope that SID application will be helpful for village government for logging village community and village administrative service.

First day training was attended by participant which most of them are computer operator from 3 sub-districts, that are: Lobalain Sub-district (19 people), Central Rote sub-district, (6 orang), Pantai Baru sub-district (19 people) and 10 people from other sub-districts.

Second day of Training, 27 October 2017

The second day of training was attended by participants form 3 sub-district, they are: Northwest Rote sub-district (38 people), East Rote sub-district (15 people), South Rote sub-district (17 people), and there were 4 people from 2 sub-district who did not attend the first day training. The training was started at 09.00 am to 05.00 pm. During the training, many of the participant asked about conditions or problems about village administration that they are facing. At the end of the training, the participants stated that SID program is very useful for them.

Third day of training, 28 October 2017

The third day of training was attended by representative of 3 sub-districts, they are; Northwest Rote (32 people), West Rote (7 people), and Landu Leko sub-district (12 people). Training started at 09.00 am and ended at 04.30 pm. In this training, many of participants asked questions about the condition of village community related to SID program implementation. Those questions were about how to log the data of villagers who have not had family cards and many more questions.

From the third day training, we can conclude that government officials in Rote Ndao have big interest in the application of information technology for community service as seen from total participants which is 90 out of 122 villages.




Training and Discussion on Making RKPDes (Village Government Work Plan) and RPJMDes (Medium-Term Development Term) in TTS, Soe.

By jerrybrand,

As a follow-up after the forming of FORKOMDES (Village Communication Forum) in Regency of TTS, TLM-GMIT Foundation coordinated a Training and Discussion meeting on how to make the layout of RKPDes and RPJMdes for 226 village heads in TTS. This meeting was conducted for two days, from Monday, 16 October 2017 to Tuesday, 17 October 2016 in Timor Megah Hotel Hall, Soe.

The first day of training and discussion was attended by 10 village heads, represented 10 sub-districts in TTS. The meeting was opened by greeting speech from General Chief of FORKOMDES, Mr. Soleman Na’u, Oelbubuk village head. In his short speech, he thanked TLM Foundation by saying; “I am really thankful to TLM Foundation for conducting this training, I hope that FORKOMDES will keep continue.” TLM, through its two trainers and seven facilitators trained the village heads of how to make RKPdes and RPJMdes. Aside from the trainers and facilitators, Executive Director of TLM Foundation, Mr. Rozali Hussein also joined the meeting.

In the second day, total village head who attended the training increased to 12 people, represented 12 sub-districts. In the second day, the village heads also came with their secretaries. Total attendance in the second day was 23 people. In the discussion section of second day, some of the heads took a chance to give their opinion about the meeting conducted by TLM. They confessed that they had never involved in intensive training and mentoring of how to make RKPdes and RPJMdes from the authorized. They worked with very limited knowledge and understanding so it is not a surprise that there was always irrelevancy in implementing development in village and everything related to the village fund management.

Lakat village head, Yahya Selan said; “I am so grateful to TLM because before it ran this training and discussion, we never received debriefing about how to manage village fund. If it is possible, please save 226 villages, not just 10.” Jacob Jesaya Lango, village head of Linamutu said; “TLM is incredibly care about us”, and General chief of FORKOMDES, Mr. Soleman Na’u added; “we have sub-district and village mentor but they never guide us. We are so thankful because TLM wants to do that. We will continue this training to sub-districts. We hope that TLM will keep mentoring us and listening to our complaints.”

This training will be passing on by attended village head to those who could not attend the meeting and also to all village secretaries who have never received training before.


Exceutive Directure of TLM, Rozali Hussein also joined the training


Discussion section


Discussion section


Discussion section